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Attraction She is now the toast of all the deejays in clubs, and has a global fan base that number well into hundreds of millions. I pity her anytime we go out as people swarm her for autographs or pictures. The world has clearly gone gaga over her. Thus, it was really good news hearing about her Grammy nomination. In a flash of excitement, she declared that she would be wearing a Nicole Miller black dress to the awards night. To me, that was a quite fantastic decision but we really need to get it right. In a few days, billions of pairs of eyes all over the world will be glued to her. Being a global fashion icon and a role model with a very large followership scattered everywhere, she just had to get the perfect Nicole Miller black dress and even use the Nicole Miller lip gloss and eyeshadow for the great night. Any wardrobe accident of whatever kind will be lapped up and disseminated aggressively by the celebrity-crazy world press. One has to be extra careful in these days of merciless paparazzi, blinding spotlights and unforgiving journalists who take strange delight in digging graves for stars that have refused to dim, or those shining too brightly, like my girlfriend. Without much ado, I placed a call across to her Spanish dress designer, Mr. Emilio Armando Ortega to .e and help us out of the quagmire. Mr. Ortega came in a jiffy and my girlfriend briefed him about the Nicole Miller black dress she planned to wear to the Grammy night. It must be perfect, she emphasised. Mr. Ortega took all the measurements and asked all the relevant questions. Then he left as quickly as he came only to show up at our Palm Beach residence twenty-four hours later with the dress. It was perfectly made, as if it was dropped from heaven, just the way she wanted it. She decided to try it on and voila! It was just befitting of a world star. After getting the Nicole black dress .plete with other Nicole Miller products we had to cross our fingers and wait patiently with bated breaths for Grammy night. We were convinced that the dress was a very good idea but we did not know what to expect of an unpredictable world. Then like a storm, the night arrived. She not only cart away virtually all the Grammy Awards for that year, she was wildly applauded by the other celebrities present at the occasion concerning her unbelievably stunning dress. For months thereafter, she redefined fashion all over the world. So much for a dress, or what do you think? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: