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Entrepreneurialism Everything we have or have not created for our business is fundamentally the result of our thinking. This includes our successes and failures. There are no exceptions. Now that may be a hard truth to swallow, especially with today’s global economic forces and challenges. (In reality these dynamic forces, too,are the result of collective group thinking, but that’s the subject for another discussion). Our thinking mindset brings us everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. But if that’s all there is to it, then you could say, "No problem, I’ll just focus on the good stuff, right?" Well, that depends on where you are placing your attention and how strong you are in your true being. Relying On Circumstances For instance, some of you may take the attitude of making do with what you already have. Or, you try to think of ways to get out of a certain situation you find yourself in by manipulating, trading off or economizing what you already have for what you think is necessary. Or, you may just resign yourself to making the best of a bad situation. This type of thinking is constructive at best and lacks imagination. Tulshi Sen calls it ‘worm thinking’, thinking inside the box, where your circumstances dictate your thinking. Einstein tells us that we cannot solve a problem at the same level that we created it. Solutions require that you step outside of your current situation to allow your imagination to bring you new ideas and approaches. Lack Of Focus This next type of thinking is endemic today, especially to information marketers. There’s so much to learn and absorb that it’s impossible to keep up with the flood of information and you suck in everything that .es at you. It be.e hard to differentiate the good stuff from the regurgitated misinformation, especially when you are a new online entrepreneur. Your world be.es chaotic and you quickly lose focus. You get too busy and frantic to see what you originally desired to create for your business. You get caught up in the minutia and cannot see the forest for the trees. Stress sets in and you’ve lost the joy of entrepreneurship. Tulshi Sen calls this ‘fly thinking’, where you flit from positive to negative and negative to positive in a chaotic manner and ultimately get nowhere. You go from one crisis to another and be.e exhausted and depleted. Entrepreneur Mastery The third type of thinking lifts you .pletely out of the first two ways of thinking and sets you on the path to .plete mastery of your own thoughts. You powerfully focus solely on your Vision. You learn to quickly discern what belongs in your business or not, and you let go of everything else. Tulshi Sen calls this ‘bee thinking’, because the bee thinks of nothing else but producing the honey. When you build your thought character like a bee, you be.e wealthy in the nectar of life. Now the expression "busy like a bee" takes on a whole new meaning. Successful entrepreneurs create their own abundance in the nectar of busy-ness (i.e. business). Life be.e blissful. And you enjoy its riches. We can take control of our thinking. Through the four proclamations of your own truth, you will learn to think the thoughts you want to think, and not the thoughts you do not want to think. This practice can help you let go of unproductive ways of thinking and adjust your mindset for success. May Success Be With You! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: