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Internet-Marketing What is email marketing? Email marketing is simply an electronic version of direct mail. In simple words, its just using email to send your marketing message directly to your customers. Just how in direct mail, we send out our offers directly into the customers mailbox, to their home, office or where-ever that is, in email marketing we send out the same promotions in an electronic form or SOFT COPY as they call it, straight to the email inbox of the customer. Its as simple as that. The important question that people dont ask me is, do i need a special email marketing system to send out emails? or can I send it out from my email program like outlook or entourage? The answer is YES, you need a special email marketing program to send out bulk marketing emails. Why? There are several reasons but Ill just through a few. First, assuming the email addresses in your database are correct, your emails WILL GET DELIVERED to the recipient. If you use your simple little outlook program to send out bulk emails, your emails will get blocked by the email servers because they may be suspected as spam. Second, by using an email marketing program you can track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns by analyzing reports like open rate or how many people opened the email (in this way you can test out different subject lines or different email copy etc.). Third, you can automate your email marketing by pre-programing the system to send out specific emails to a specific segment of your customers on a specific date. You can pre-program personalized birthday messages without the need for you to do it manually. There are a whole lot more benefits which I cant cover in this short video. However remember, that an email marketing system alone will never be able to help you. It will only cause you more work and stress if used as a stand alone system. What you really need is a COMPLETE online SALES AND MARKETING SYSTEM that has a direct impact on your bottom line. I talk about the Key Principles and Components of an ultimate Internet marketing system in my FREE TRAINING VIDEO that you can get access to on my website www.ThomasAdamsXP.Com. I highly recommend that you get your hands on that, watch it and understand the principles. I promise it will completely open your eyes and help you make good decisions when selecting an Internet marketing company or developing your own campaigns for your business. About the Author: Thomas Adams is the Founder and CEO of one of the premier internet marketing companies – THE THOMAS ADAMS EXPERIENCE. He is an expert in all aspects of internet marketing. What’s different about him is that he never focuses only on tactical approaches like SEO, social media, PPC, websites, email marketing etc. the way most internet marketing companies do. He comes from a background of being a business growth and turnaround expert and sees the internet as an outstanding TOOL to design powerful business strategies and systems that not only take his existing proven systems and strategies to a whole new level and also give him the flexibility to design even more powerful systems and strategies to turbo charge sales and profits for his partner Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Internet-Marketing 相关的主题文章: