Las Vegas Activities – Chopper Rides To The Grand Canyon During Labor Day-姉summer

UnCategorized There’s no better place than Las Vegas to set off on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Labor Day 2015 is the last long weekend of the year, and it’s the last major national holiday before Christmas. Make it special with an air tour. Air Tours Of The West Rim Las Vegas is closest to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is just 125 miles away. The Las Vegas helicopters fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on the way to the canyon, in all, it takes about 45 minutes to get there. The West Rim is unique because it offers both landing, and air only tours. The air-only tours offer beautiful aerial vistas of the canyon, and the good thing is they are less expensive than the landing tours. The landing tours are the most fun because you can explore the canyon from the ground after you land on the canyon floor or on the top of the rim, plus, you still get to have an aerial tour of the canyon in the chopper too. You may want to consider taking the bottom landing tour that comes with a champagne picnic. You’ll fly deep down into the canyon, so you can see the massive rock walls from the bottom up. Other fun things to do after you land include a raft ride along the Colorado River, and a top-of-the-rim landing with passes to the Grand Canyon Skywalk that suspends you thousands of feet above the canyon bottom on a floor of glass. The Advantages Of A Deluxe Air Tour When you buy your tour, you should do it online to get the lowest price, and when you do, you’ll get to choose a basic or deluxe tour. While you’ll have a great time on a basic tour too, you should be aware that they fly on older style traditional helicopters. The best way to enjoy your Labor Day flight is to book a deluxe tour. The deluxe tours use newer EcoStar 130 aircraft. This high performance machine has bigger viewing windows, a 180 degree panoramic windshield, a larger cabin, and a seating plan that has been designed to provide unobstructed views to everyone on board. The deluxe tours also come with free pick up service at your hotel in a limousine to the helipad, which is conveniently located on the Vegas Strip. The deluxe tours cost a little more, but the perks are worth it. Book Las Vegas Helicopters Online The 2015 Labor Day weekend is nearly here, so don’t delay buying your tour, since the Las Vegas flights are so popular. This will ensure that you get to fly on the day you want, at the time you want. Booking online saves you time and money, by eliminating any additional fees and processing that you would have with a travel agent. Just pick out your tour, pay with a credit card, and you’ll get confirmation of the date and time of your tour. To Conclude There is no better way to have a unique Labor Day celebration than to take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Be sure to book your seats as soon as you can before it sells out, and buy it online to save some money. You can choose an air-only tour or a landing tour, and add on the options of your choice to create the perfect way to experience one of America’s most unusual and beautiful landmarks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: