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Business Over-40s who are looking for a new job in construction may find it more difficult to find one than their younger rivals. Much legislation has been passed to protect against discrimination on the basis of age, but older jobseekers might still find obstacles to employment being placed in their way. However, the situation is far from impossible and there is still much you can do help yourself land a rewarding and challenging construction job. Using large construction job boards is one way you might go about looking for new employment, but there are many others besides. Get back on the horse as soon as possible It’s always advisable to find a new job before you quit your present construction post. However, if this is impossible then you should try to find a new job as soon as possible, since the longer you are out of work, the harder it is to find new construction job. Networking means you can speak to people in your circle acquaintances to let them know you are available for construction work and use them to sound out opportunities. If you have worked in construction for many years then you will no doubt have a bank of ex-colleagues, employers and friends you can ask. Make sure your skills match up to the latest industry requirements and practices so you are as employable as possible. For certain positions, this might mean learning to use .puters and other technology. If you think a .pany is acting illegally and discriminating against you because of your age, seek advice from a lawyer or an organisation such as Age Positive. Using large job boards Large, generalist job boards are a great place to begin the construction job search as they hold thousands and thousands of construction jobs – from direct recruiters as well as agencies. Although job boards do not cater for all industries, they allow you to conduct a job search specifically in construction. Use technology to your advantage. Check construction job websites and set up job alerts that allow you to have emails sent to you with jobs that match your pre-set criteria. Register your CV with some of the many online services that employers use to recruit staff for construction work. Check your local newspaper as well as the specialist trade press. Write directly to construction .panies to ask whether they have any vacancies and also consider changing the type of construction work you are willing to do. Remember that you still have much to offer and remain determined to get back into a construction job as soon as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: