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Business You have got an invitation of a formal event. You have gone through your wardrobe several times and didnt find a dress that you would like to wear in the event. So you are going to buy a new dress which will make you stand out in the crowd. But what if you dont find an appealing dress in the shops, not even in the branded shops? You have a good alternative. You design your formal dress yourself. Yes, many online tailoring shops give you the provision of designing your own dress. Isnt that amazing? You dont need to depend on a rough sketch of a tailor any more. Your dream dress is just a few clicks away. Here is a guideline that you can follow in order to design your own dress online. First go online and search for online stores that would allow you to design your own dress. There are numerous websites that offer this provision. So finding a site where you can design a custom dress will not be difficult. You may also find websites that specialize in a particular type of dress. If you can find a site that specializes in formal dress, you should opt for that site because you will get various formal dress design options. Do a thorough research to select the right website. The first step of designing a dress is to pick up the top or the bodice. You may .e across several options like full sleeve, half sleeve, sleeve less, spaghetti strap, strapless, halter neck and many more. Choose a style that suits your figure. Now decide on the lower part of the dress. What it should look like? Do you want a body hugging bottom or a free flowing skirt like bottom? Also consider the length. It can be a mid thigh or knee length dress or a dress that touches your ankle. Once you decide what you want check the options you have. While choosing both the bodice and the lower part make sure to choose a cut that flatters your figure. Now its time to select the fabric. You may choose silk or chiffon or satin or even cotton. But silk is probably the best option for a formal gown. Many people do the mistake of choosing a very expensive fabric. This is not at all required. Try to be in your budget while selecting the fabric. The next step is to decide on the color. Popular websites have many options to choose from. Be careful and select a color that suits your .plexion. Purple or bright red may catch your attention quickly, but will the color suit you? The color should also .plement the design of your dress. Now go to the measurement chart of the site and match your body measurement with the measurements given in the chart. Check the payment mode, delivery time, return policy of the site and place the order. Many popular garment brands and boutiques have both offline and online business. You can select an online store that also has an offline shop in your locality, so that you can take your dress to the shop if anything goes wrong. In that case you should make your search specific so that you can get a local brand. For example if you live in Melbourne, you can search with keywords like Boutique Melbourne , Designer Dresses Melbourne, Formal Dresses Melbourne and so on. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: