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UnCategorized I’ve saved this for last because it is probably the one thing that can destroy the mindset of a prospective student more than anything else. In this installment, I want to talk about the admissions people. And yes, they are just that…people. We all want to think that when we apply for a college that the people doing the interviewing are some kind of automated robots. All we have to do is give them the right answers and we’re in. In some cases, sad as this is to say, that’s exactly what happens. Why do I say sad? Again, let’s get back to the admissions people themselves. As I said, they’re not robots…they’re people. And as people, they have different personalities and different ways of doing their jobs. Some will go through it very methodically, not putting any real thought into it. Give them the "right" answers and you’re in…even if you’re not a good fit for the school. Some, however, will really put a lot of thought into the interview process and try to determine, in spite of your answers, whether or not they think you’ll be good for their program. Because of this, some admissions people will allow you in even though your answers weren’t the best, but because they saw something special in you. Conversely, some will reject you because they felt you had no real conviction behind your answer. And then there is this. Everybody, regardless of who they are, has good days and bad days. You might very well have an interview with somebody who just got into a car accident before .ing to work and are thus in a very bad mood. Maybe they had a fight with their spouse before work. Like it or not, when people have bad days, they sometimes bring those bad days into the office. As a result, you may not get accepted due to nothing that you yourself did. Also, please understand that these people are looking over a ton of paperwork. Essays, letters or re.mendation and resumes take a lot of time to go over and, like it or not, the process is more subjective than you’d like to think. When a human being is going over all that material, error part of the equation. If you understand this and can accept this, it will go a long way to helping you deal with whatever rejections .e your way. I hope you have enjoyed this series and have gotten something out of it. Again, there is a great resource that will .pletely prepare you for getting into the school YOU want to get into. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: