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Wine-Spirits Thanksgiving drinks are very colorful. Because of that, they make wonderful subjects for photography. If you do it proper, the resulting picture will look so real and inviting; those who look at it will be thirsty, if not parched. So, take some snapshots of Thanksgiving drinks during Thanksgiving, and see what you are able to .e up with. You will have so a lot fun in the process. Beverages, like colorful Thanksgiving drinks, are distinctive subjects when it .es to positioning light for photography. They are .monly transparent or, at least, translucent. When taking pictures of opaque objects, we usually place the light behind the camera and direct it toward the subject. This will allow the light to bounce off the subject and enter our lenses. In the case of translucent Thanksgiving drinks, the main source of light will likely be behind the subject. We want the light to pass by means of the subject toward the camera. This technique will seriously bring out their colors. After setting the light source, select a nice angle for your shot. You’ll be able to try shooting Thanksgiving drinks with the light directly behind them. On the other hand, try to experiment with distinct angles. Depending on how intense and narrow the beam of your light source is, you will achieve different effects at distinct angles. Try some condensation effects and diverse degrees of condensation. It will make the picture look additional real. A top view of the subject is an additional alternative. Finally, do not f.et to try shooting Thanksgiving drinks from below. You do this by placing the beverage on an elevated transparent glass platform and positioning the camera below at an angle. The light source is placed above the drink and aimed downward through the beverage toward the camera. After you have tried these, do them once more with two Thanksgiving drinks. Then do them again with drinks of different colors. Colored shot glasses may also be employed. Just use your imagination and creativity. The options are practically limitless. Soon, you will be shooting like the most effective of them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: