A small group of Changzhou by the online play online gambling cheated 600 thousand beauty nearby-dnf商人吧

A small group of Changzhou online online gambling cheated 600 thousand beauty nearby play "beauty" to send QQ friend request, would you agree or disagree? This is not, recently, Changzhou, an older unmarried man Zhang (pseudonym) encountered such a situation. The friend requests he was pleased with oneself, that is "the sky is falling down Lin", when his life and wealth, only to find that the other party is "a wolf in sheep’s clothing". Recently, Changzhou Wujin police through investigation, successfully smashed a virtual lottery website for online fraud Gang, arrested Lin, Lin Moumou, Yang and other 3 suspects. Small gambling lost about 600000 in June 25th this year, Zhang Ming Huang to the police station, said he knew a "beauty" on QQ, her own playing the lottery in a called "Huixin international" website, the cheated about 600000 yuan. Zhang said, "beauty" sent the lottery website link to him, and very enthusiastic to buy his own digital screenshot to him, but also to help him choose the number. Wujin police immediately set up a task force, multisectoral coordination operations, after a month of clues tracking, and finally confirmed the suspect dens. To July 21st, Lin Moumou and other 3 suspects have been arrested by the Wujin police. Network ambiguous play routine review, Lin Moumou account, last June, he posing as beauty on the QQ, and actively add Xiao Zhang as a friend, two people chat very speculative, a month later, Lin Moumou to Zhang proposed to play the lottery, but also sent a lottery website link. In order to further develop with each other, Xiao Zhang agreed, who knew two or three times down to lose thousands of yuan. Zhang said he didn’t want to play, "beauty" said no matter, and then chat with Xiao Zhang ambiguous, "beauty" again put forward to play the lottery, Xiao Zhang agreed. For more than a month, when Zhang found out the wrong, about 600000 have already entered the pocket of Lin et al. "Beauty" is a big man according to the 3 suspects confessed, "Huixin international website by Yang production and provide technical support on the site to lure customers bet on the column, through the background operation, modify the lottery results, winning or losing control. Suspect Lin Mou Lin and so on in the Taobao purchase has the grade to bring the good friend female QQ number, posing as the beauty in the net casually adds the male friend to chat, and flickers the other side to play "the lottery ticket"". Customers do not know is that the membership in the Internet, through Alipay, WeChat or Qian Qishi online banking recharge into the suspect pocket, account the amount shown is only the background to manually enter the same number and amount of recharge.

常州一小伙受网上美女相邀 玩网络博彩被骗60万   “美女”主动发出QQ好友申请,您会同意还是不同意?这不,最近,常州一大龄未婚男子小张(化名)就碰到了这样的情况。通过好友申请的他,一开始还沾沾自喜,以为是“天上掉下来的林妹妹”,可当自己人财两空时,才惊觉,对方是“披着羊皮的狼”。近期,常州武进警方通过侦查,成功捣毁一利用虚拟彩票网站进行网络诈骗的团伙,抓获林某、林某某、杨某等3名犯罪嫌疑人。   小伙博彩输了60多万   今年6月25日,小张到鸣凰派出所报案,称自己在QQ上认识了一“美女”,她带自己在一个叫“汇鑫国际”的网站上玩彩票,结果被骗走了60多万元。   小张说,“美女”将彩票网站链接发送给他,并很“热情”地把自己购买的数字截图给他看,还帮他选择数字。   武进警方立即成立专案组,多部门协同作战,经过一个月的线索追踪,终于确认了嫌疑人窝点。至7月21日,林某某等3名嫌疑人相继被武进警方抓获归案。   网络暧昧玩套路   经审查,林某某交代,去年6月,他在QQ上冒充美女,主动添加小张为好友,两人聊得挺投机,一个月后,林某某向小张提出玩彩票,还发送了彩票网站链接。为了能和对方进一步发展,小张同意了,谁知两三次下来就输了几千元。小张表示不想玩了,“美女”称没关系,随后和小张的聊天内容暧昧起来,“美女”再次提出玩彩票,小张又同意了。   一个多月下来,等小张发现不对劲时, 60多万都已经进了林某某等人的口袋。   “美女”都是大男人   据3名嫌疑人交代,“汇鑫国际”网站由杨某制作并提供技术支持,网站上引诱客户下注的栏目,可通过后台操作,修改开奖结果,控制输赢。嫌疑人林某和林某某在淘宝上购买有等级自带好友的女性QQ号,冒充美女在网上随便加男性好友聊天,并忽悠对方玩“彩票”。客户不知道的是,其在网上注册会员后,通过支付宝、微信或者网银充值的钱其实都进了嫌疑人口袋,账户中显示的金额只不过是后台手动输入的与充值金额相同的数字。相关的主题文章: