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Wuhan CPI up the chain or double down are the price of pork and fresh vegetables in October, Wuhan CPI rose 2.2%, or 0.2 percentage points lower than last month, the chain fell 0.3%. CPI up the chain or double down, mainly due to the decline in the price of pork and fresh vegetables. According to the survey data released yesterday showed that in October, Wuhan food prices fell 1.4%, CPI fell 0.27 percentage points, vegetables, pork, poultry, fish, fruit and other prices are falling. In October, local Qiucai market increased, the average price of fresh vegetables slightly down 0.5%, 24 kinds of fresh vegetables monitored 14 price, fell to 58.3%. Cool autumn, fish products in the process of transportation survival rate increased, the decline in the cost of a seasonal decline in prices. Poultry and aquatic products market adequate supply, compared with the previous month of freshwater fish prices fell 4.5%, sea fish prices fell 2.9%, down 1.2%, price of chicken duck price decreased by 0.3%. In addition, in October the price of pork has declined slightly, a decline of 5.1%, autumn fruit market, fresh fruit prices fell 0.4% last month. The analysis of the investigation team, Wuhan October CPI rose down, is the main cause of meat, poultry, fish and vegetable prices decline in food. However, at present our city food prices are generally higher than the same period last year, non food clothing, medicines and other prices are still rising, but the increase in the prices of refined oil and later a new round of medical service price reform, may bring about the related fields of price adjustment, which may drive the related industrial chain price the rise, so the overall price is still upward pressure. (reporter Fu Ying correspondent Zhou Guangyu Xiao Di)

武汉CPI同比环比涨幅双回落 猪肉鲜菜都降价了  10月份,武汉市CPI同比上涨2.2%,涨幅比上月回落0.2个百分点;环比则下降了0.3%。CPI同比环比涨幅双回落,主要得益于猪肉、鲜菜等价格下降。  据调查队昨天公布的数据显示,10月份,武汉食品价格环比下降1.4%,影响CPI环比下降0.27个百分点,蔬菜、猪肉、家禽、淡水鱼、鲜果等价格都在降。  10月份,本地秋菜上市量增加,鲜菜均价环比小幅回落0.5%,所监测的24种鲜菜有14种降价了,下跌面为58.3%。  秋季降温后,成品鱼在运输过程中存活率上升,成本下降,价格季节性回落。而家禽和水产品市场货源充足,与上月相比淡水鱼价格下降4.5%、海水鱼价格下降2.9%、鸡价下降1.2%、鸭价下降0.3%。  此外,猪肉价格10月份企稳微跌,环比下降5.1%,秋季鲜果大量上市,鲜瓜果价格比上月下降0.4%。  该调查队人士分析,10月份武汉CPI涨幅回落,主因是食品中肉、禽、鱼、菜价格走低。  不过,目前我市食品价格总体上仍高于去年同期水平,非食品中的服装、中药材等价格仍在上涨,而成品油价格的上调以及后期新一轮医疗服务收费价格改革的推进,可能会带来相关领域价格的调整,进而可能带动相关产业链价格的上涨,因此总体上仍有物价上行的压力。(记者符樱 通讯员周光玉 肖迪)相关的主题文章: