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A 33 year old man two years to date nearly 50 times were accused of failure judge – Sohu news dating for two years, nearly 50 times the defeated, what makes him difficult to marry old dream? This reporter records with the lens – a "see light death" remote blind date, this is a beg but not the story. Just after the Spring Festival, the 33 year old Ming pine (alias) decided to return to Hangzhou, looking for the other half. Urged by his family, many years ago, he wanted to marry him, love, blind date, net chat, rent girlfriend…… Over the years, many attempts have failed repeatedly for various reasons. In early 2014, the reporter accompanied minsong visited Hangzhou wansongling blind corner, leaving five or six girls contact, saw two, but because the other side was "sorry". In the first half of 2015, after the Ming pine went to work in Shanghai, Songjiang, colleagues introduced him to four or five blind date objects, Ming Song and one of the 90 girls met, and went to the Thames Town to play, but later, nothing happened. Ming Song told reporters that he was born in the Jiangsu rural areas of Yangzhou, opened a small shop, the economic situation is passable, but his house is hard, only 1 meters tall and 62, are "flawed".

33岁男子两年来相亲近50次均失败 被指以貌取人-搜狐新闻   两年来,相亲近50次屡战屡败、屡败屡战   是什么让他难圆结婚梦?本报记者用镜头记录下――   一场“见光死”的异地相亲   这是一个求而不得的故事。   猴年春节刚过,33岁的明松(化名)决定再回杭州,寻找另一半。在家人的催促下,多年前就想结婚的他,恋爱、相亲、网聊、租女友……多年来的一次次尝试,却都因为种种原因而屡屡失败。   早在2014年,本报记者就陪着明松去过杭州的万松岭相亲角,留了五六个姑娘的联系方式,见过两个,但都因为对方长得“抱歉”而罢休。   2015年上半年,明松去上海松江工作之后,同事给他介绍了四五个相亲对象,明松和其中的一个90后姑娘见了面,还去泰晤士小镇玩了玩,不过后来还是不了了之。   明松告诉记者,自己生在江苏扬州农村,开了个小卖部,经济状况还过得去,房子尚可努力,但自己身高只有1米62,是“硬伤”。相关的主题文章: