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Was praised God apple Microsoft new products are still using the old configuration? [editor’s note] technology Tencent this week, Microsoft and apple fanfare released a series of new products, whether it is high Yan value Surface Studio, or Touch Bar Macbook Pro has a new, have won the praise. But recently there have been foreign media disclosure, Microsoft and apple in fact, did not adopt the latest technology, it is a flicker consumers? This article from the foreign media, compiled by the Tencent technology integration Although before the conference, everyone knows that Microsoft will launch a new one machine products, but everyone did not expect that, Surface Studio design will be so amazing. Less than 24 hours later, Apple has officially released a new MacBook Pro, the new notebook in the process, configuration, design has ushered in a huge change. Looks very cool right? Send you a note of Silicon Valley Cara Swisher (Kara Swisher) · strabismus kill: broken pattern tucson! Many people are not aware of, whether it is Microsoft or Apple’s new configuration used, in fact, are not new. The old configuration became Microsoft Apple’s new selling point to take the new Surface Book, the device built-in Intel Skylake processor and NVIDIA Maxwell architecture based on GPU GeForce GTX 9 series. But in fact, Intel has recently released the seventh generation core Kaby Lake processor, NVIDIA next generation by "Pascal" (Pascal) has already listed the new graphics architecture. Whether it is the latest Kaby Lake or Pascal, compared to the previous has better performance, more functional design and lower energy performance. Surprisingly, up from $2999 in Surface Studio was also used under CPU+GPU architecture combined Skylake+Maxwell. Surface Studio is not configured for better data transmission capabilities of the Thunderbolt interface, and the NVME interface SSD SSD is the basic configuration of the price device. Surface Studio dismantling Apple’s new Macbook Pro is not good to go. Although Apple has not updated its Macbook Pro product line for many years, but the latest is still not able to use Intel’s Kaby Lake processor. Indeed, the biggest highlight of the new Macbook Pro is undoubtedly Touch, but in fact, as early as in the 2014 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Bar tried a similar design Carbon. Apple Touch Bar (on) and Thinkpad OLED (below) however, touch the apple graphics configuration is good enough. According to the new Macbook Pro price point of view, AMD recently launched.相关的主题文章: