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Residents in Hubei high-speed vehicle intrusion attacks in the past the driver was stung by a bee sting faint wild truck driver came to the rescue of the hospital staff photograph AFP on November 13th afternoon, a Hebei citizen Trailer line to the section of Daguang Expressway large car driver vice Tuanfeng, accidentally coma caused the consciousness of fuzzy wild bee sting. The situation is very critical. Huangzhou provincial police brigade patrol police rushed to the scene, and emergency contact 120 injured to the hospital, the driver turned the corner after the rescue. 13, 14:13, high Huangzhou Police Brigade duty room received wide monitoring center police said: to 2402KM in Daqing guangzhouexpressway Daguang, a Hebei citizen a driver on the semi-trailer in traffic on the way to be stung by bees, dizziness, whole person in a state of collapse, the situation is very critical, ask for help. After receiving the alarm, road patrol police rushed to the scene, and quickly contact the nearest 120 to tanfeng. After synchronous rapid reaction police and 120, about half an hour, the injured were rushed to the county people’s Hospital Tuanfeng relatively nearby medical conditions, and immediately poison dialysis treatment, the condition under control, out of danger. According to the same car driver Liu introduced, the car driver vice injured Wang, 30 years old this year, well, before the incident he was deputy driver’s seat Hebei AF8678 heavy truck on the bed, when the vehicle passes through the territory of Daguang Expressway in Tuanfeng County, the car suddenly flew into a big bee, Wang wave driven by bee stung by a bee sting arm, huge, sting, the feeling of dizziness, blurred vision, accompanied by chest breathing difficulties, people feel very sick, have life risk. Under the driver Liu so he had to pull over, at a loss, the injured Wang off after a spit. Enthusiastic villagers in the vicinity of the help, it was thought of the alarm. Thanks to the timely rescue high-speed traffic police, was out of danger, danger. Here, the police suggested that the majority of drivers driving to meet some friends: wasp poisonous insects flew into the car, do not remember the hand driven, generally similar to other insects such as wasps will not attack people, the correct approach is to observe the scene, stay calm, let themselves go flying. (reporter Wan Qin correspondent Zhou Jing)相关的主题文章: