Middle class wealth War drawing four portraits for Chinese investors who are worried-stanley博士的家2

The battle for middle Wealth: anxiety Chinese investors draw four portrait middle wealth battle: for anxious investors painted four portraits of Li Zichen Chinese editor’s note: the perception of people for wealth in the past few months, once again clear and sensitive: part of the city’s housing prices as got on the elevator; capital market as the change of the seasons; the commodity market stabilization force; exchange rate interest rate expectations and uncertainty; the urgent need to expand investment channels…… For everyone, there is a need for more wisdom and means to defend wealth, especially for most middle classes. The Economic Observer crafted "fortune" to defend the special report, we in the news group, present to you is a macro policy and monetary policy in the future trend, and in this environment, tax reform, reform of state-owned assets may move. Therefore, our reporter interviewed from the policy level, authority, and those people think tank for wealth in the anxiety of the middle class, and the mainstream economists from financial institutions for our author, provide trend analysis and judgement. If you are faced with a wealth of battle, we hope that this group of reports and articles can make you more intuitive perception at the moment of wealth and well-being, can let you know the changing trend of macro environment. We hope that we provide reports and information, you can become a wealth of meteorological stations, so that you can more clearly determine the next stop of the wealth of wind. We are as anxious as you are, and as you are looking forward to the wealth and happiness of wealth, the company, the industry, and the nation as a whole. There seems to be no more worrying period than it is now. Many local residents in the second half of 2016 once again the pole vault, can be heard without end "inflection point" is destined to be long in coming, no one can predict whether it will come. Cut the stock market distance last year has been more than a year, the market is still difficult to climb in 3000, people in the stock market, in a nice hobble. Outside the housing market and the stock market, funds, bonds, financial products, and even precious metal products, like the waves of the tide, can’t seem to cause people attention for a long time, or lack of confidence, or interest is enough. Where the money to vote, really let the first tier cities as the representative of the middle class feel overwhelmed, but people seem to have to find a way out of pocket money. As an interview with a middle class, said: "does not mean shrinking investment. Money management is an option in the past, and now is a must." Thus, the hands of the assets of the group chose the brave, with leverage and all other means to expand the housing market, the stock market game. They want asset prices to fall, and they worry about falling asset prices. They have expectations for the future, they are full of unease about the future. The lever of life July 2016, 34 year old civil lawyer Feng Yu (a pseudonym) by "fake divorce" to avoid the purchase of the policy in Beijing, north ring has second suites. But he seemed to be unhappy, in his own words, "the whole thing is not good." This theory相关的主题文章: