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Quanzhou Zhongshan Road rectification cities nearly 2000 parking spaces to redraw the downtown Zhongshan Road city fine renovation management carried out for 4 months, nearly 2000 parking spaces to redraw the Quanzhou network (micro-blog) November 14th news (reporter Wang Jinzhi Wu Liyun correspondent) yesterday, reporters from the Licheng District Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, in June 20th this year, Licheng District of Zhongshan Road (start to the North Tower, South to St. James gate junction) appearance of the implementation of sophisticated management, nearly 4 months, to delimit a nearly 2000 bicycle parking, convenient public parking, and guarantee the smooth road. The main improvement of Zhongshan Road fine management along the street on both sides of the chaos, chaos, chaos stacked stall Zhandao, chaotic ride hanging, graffiti writing, parking chaos, chaos row down, enough advertising "City eight chaos" phenomenon; remediation street shops do not regulate the management behavior; traffic regulation order; remediation of various types of damage in public all kinds of non-standard facilities; gradually put advertising signs (store cards) exist on both sides of the street and any city residential building (structure) building facade etc.. The past 4 months, in the District of Licheng civilization office, Licheng District, Licheng District Industrial and Commercial Bureau municipal traffic bureau collaboration, Licheng district administrative law enforcement bureau to carry out the selection of star business as the starting point, with the typical guide, promote the fine management pilot work better. August and September, respectively, 11 and 4 stores were rated as three-star businesses, from the beginning of the year, the deepening of the upgrade as the focus of the future work, based on the establishment of a sound long-term management mechanism for the development of the. As of now, the cumulative correction of all kinds of persuasion outside the shop shop, Jeeves stalls and 358, suspension, chaos chaos stacked 173, all kinds of non-standard advertising signs 27. Licheng Traffic Police Brigade organization on both sides of Zhongshan Road bicycle parking line to re draw the line, to carry out various types of traffic signs to update the adjustment, the cumulative re allocation of vehicles parked nearly 2000. Licheng District Traffic Bureau staff on both sides of the street 85 garbage bins, peel boxes unified cleaning, replacement of dilapidated sanitation facilities 31. (Quanzhou network (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: