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Survey of the living conditions of Shanghai Shop: work more than 9 hours is normal in Shanghai, there are so many self-employed entrepreneurs, they ran a not very small shops, reluctant to hire, put the goods, inventory, accounting, busy, even have time to eat. "Living" is their open mind, slowly, life is no longer satisfy all mining features, the pursuit of freedom, that carries in the heart of the little dream a little flower. An increase of nearly 20 thousand years before the date of the self-employed reporters in-depth visits to the Shanghai 30 shops, including cigarette paper shop, restaurants, shops, furniture stores, stationery stores, convenience stores, such as various types of lottery shop, they are distributed in Shanghai, Huangpu, Changning, Jingan, Putuo, Pudong, Minhang and other regions. At the same time, the reporter to shop a street Jinxian road as the center, focus on the questionnaire survey, a Shanghai shop see only a small part, the survival of the state. Most of the respondents shop is the husband and wife store, they are registered in the relevant departments, was classified as individual business households category. The business sector given data show that as of the end of July this year, Shanghai has a total of 418 thousand individual industrial and commercial households, the same period last year is 398 thousand and 500, within a year, an increase of nearly 20 thousand households, the cumulative amount of funds reached 12 billion 207 million yuan, an increase of 14%. In different industries, due to changes in market demand, the phenomenon is not uncommon switching stores, the overall growth of the overall volume also showed the momentum of vigorous development of store formats. With the changing times, now the store is no longer just the traditional sense of the couple’s wife shop to meet the changing needs of the times, all kinds of shop after another, the store is full of vitality. Survey data show that 4 more than 23000 store owner is 80, 1/3 shop owner is not a household registration in Shanghai, more and more new Shanghai people, young people are willing to try to open a store, not only solve the employment problems of its own, create more jobs, but also to draw their own life trajectory a out of the ordinary. More than 9 hours of work is the norm, the shop is to torture yourself with a dream." A shop owner told reporters. In our survey interview, more than 4 of the shop owner a day working time of up to 9 – 12 hours, as well as more than 25.93% of the boss’s work for more than 13 hours, far more than ordinary office workers. Not only that, there are nearly 4 of the respondents shop owner for a variety of reasons they do not pay social security, social welfare is missing. Some bosses put out the cash for the king’s point of view, for their own security considerations are not many. "Long working hours, on their own regulation, a little bit of symptoms on a break, eat some medicine, try not to go to the hospital." Have a boss so sigh. There is no regular physical examination, the doctor needs their own expense, the body is entirely on their own "maintenance". And in some of the employees of the store, the store staff interviewed did not pay social security. Pay too much pressure on social security, and I hope to do something else to make up for it." Many of them say. The pressure increased sharply have unique cheats undeniable, in the fierce market competition environment, rising rental costs and labor costs, operating pressures 23000 store, profits are gradually narrowed).相关的主题文章: