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Inverted position, more likely to be pregnant? In the end fly it? Sohu maternal Xiaojiang this year 30 years old, married 5 years, have always wanted children, but I never have, to our hospital are also checked, what is wrong is not, that day, she went to the hospital to consult us. "Just as, recently, it is suggested that we take the inverted pregnancy surgery, you said reliable?" "What is inverted pregnancy?" I heard it for the first time. Xiaojiang said: "even in couples, the wife was upside down, it will greatly increase the probability of pregnancy, the American star Madonna is pregnant with pregnant by inverted." Indeed, the inverted pregnant surgery, I was the first time I heard, think carefully, is worried about the normal position after her husband’s semen, will flow out, and take the inverted position, can make semen because the relationship between gravity flow. In addition to the inverted pregnancy surgery, there are some other, there is a book about women, after her buttocks pad, but also because of fear of male semen after ejaculation, most will flow out from the vagina. Pad high buttocks, can make semen can stay longer in the vagina, the number of sperm into the uterine cavity will be more. In fact, some people have done experiments, if you want to make a woman’s cervical bubble in the liquid, the amount of fluid in the vagina to reach more than 30 ml, which man can have so many semen ejaculation? The male ejaculates have hundreds of millions more sperm may enter into the uterus, fallopian tube and finally reached less than 100, the sperm and egg with is hard, through the layers of the test and the winner, a combination of sperm and egg, it will inhibit other sperm penetration. It doesn’t make sense how long semen is in women. I Xiaojiang said: "to be pregnant, not by what position to decide, you know, the sperm fuses with the egg to the fallopian tubes to need one or two minutes only, can be said to go through a series of hurdles, such as the pH of the vagina and cervical mucus, uterus fallopian tube connection, even progesterone may also influence sperm transport mechanism is very complex, any one part of the problem, can make spermatozoon add a little The whole army was wiped out., far from the gravity, can be pregnant successfully." "However, I have passed all the indicators, how can not pregnant? Is it related to my uterus?" Normal women, about 6 into the uterus belongs to the forward position, into about 4 belong to the backward, and backward position is small. I said: "without disease factors, regardless of anteversion and retroversion of uterine pregnancy can be natural, does not need to change the position to increase the chance of pregnancy, of course, if it is due to some diseases such as pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, tilt, may be more difficult to conceive. Nothing to do with posture." Just as the most popular small: China beauty midwife, Beijing three hospital delivery room senior midwife. In the delivery, safe delivery 000 cases. Delivery delivery, delivery room in grief at separation and joy in union mother to be concerned about, all, one for you to explain. Welcome attention to micro signal: midwife (jieshengp.相关的主题文章: