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India lifted sales ban diesel vehicles   TOYOTA plans to restore investment — car — original title: India diesel car sales ban lifted TOYOTA plans to restore investment according to India’s "economic times" reported on August 30th, the India Supreme Court before the date has been lifted in India sales of diesel vehicle ban, TOYOTA said it will respond quickly continue to invest in the India market. According to TOYOTA Asia, the Middle East and North Africa regional CEO Hiroyuki Fukui revealed that TOYOTA will invest more energy in the India market, and the introduction of a variety of models to meet the needs of local consumers. He said that TOYOTA anywhere in the world to set up companies are committed to comply with local rules and regulations. As one of the most potential markets in Asia, emissions regulations can also be understood in India. TOYOTA is also seeking sustainable development. It is reported that the Supreme Court of India last year issued a short-term ban to prohibit the sale of more than 2 in the capital of New Delhi diesel cars. Before the day after the court ruling, the ban has been lifted. Earlier this month, TOYOTA automobile India subsidiary company vice chairman Vikram Kirloskar said, because TOYOTA 7-8% sales in India are from the capital of New Delhi, so the ban on TOYOTA caused a loss. He said that TOYOTA will suspend Lexus and Daihatsu two brands in the Indian market, and temporarily halted on the India market investment, until the relevant rules and regulations to clear down. On Monday, Kirloskar said in an interview, said he was pleased that the lifting of the ban on India, and said that the move will rebuild India’s confidence in the India market TOYOTA. TOYOTA is working on India’s sales strategy and plans to launch more new products. He said the new products will be listed in India as soon as possible. It is reported that TOYOTA has two factories in southern India, Karnataka, the annual total productivity reached 310 thousand units, but due to various reasons, the actual production capacity of only 55% productivity. TOYOTA automobile India subsidiary of another senior N Raja said, TOYOTA in India after the ban is still a lingering fear, so Rick Seth and the big two brands is listed in India are still planned. (internship compilation: a Junwei reviewer: Liu Yang (Feng): Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: