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Weekend big Wuhan stroll eat eat eat! – Sohu travel this trip to Wuhan almost can be said to go away. Not a little preparedness, there is no trace of concern: I was so thick in Wuhan line. So that an early round of votes to know that there are good friends there. Wuhan from Wuchang, Hanyang, Hankou and three towns. Before starting on the Internet to see the raiders. Two days for the first time to such a historical and cultural city of Wuhan, I am far from endless. So you can pick the most interesting part – eat and shoot. Yes I am a chowhound photographer. Due to the late booking. A week ahead of time to Beijing to Wuhan sleeper basically sold out. Only second days to reach the Wuchang Railway Station at Z1 in the morning more than four. Although you need to get up a little bit. But then I thought, more than four points just to catch up with the sunrise. The time of sunrise and sunset every day is the most precious time for photographers. Wuchang Railway Station from Yellow Crane Tower and Wuhan, Yangtze River bridge are particularly close. So he chose the train. Since it is prepare to go to travel, with only the essential goods and photographic equipment: Essentials: identity card, mobile phone, keys, wallet equipment: Nikon D810+17-35 2.8+ three tripod + filter (scenery) Fuji X70 (delicacy) traffic traffic: Beijing to Wuhan Z1 Wuhan to Beijing Z38 hard sleeper local traffic to just as Wuhan Daxing subway construction, several subway line started at the same time. Originally wide road was accounted for half of the road leading to a little better than the number of Beijing, a few weeks in the congestion. In order to ensure the safety of the aircraft, it is necessary to make more time or take the subway. Wuhan bus 1 yuan, the subway from $10, a taxi from $1.8, $2 per kilometer. Big Wuhan, Wuhan, a little fake. Taxi from Hubuxiang to InterContinental Hotel about 50 yuan, Hubuxiang to Optics Valley is also likely to be $50. The first day trip to Yellow Crane Tower > Wuhan; Yangtze River bridge > Hubuxiang > Wuhan InterContinental Hotel > Hankou second days hotel breakfast > Optics Valley pedestrian street; > Optics Valley street > Wuhan University Yellow Crane Tower first days more than four in the morning from the Wuchang Railway Station and get off from dawn soon after six early. Baidu map walking navigation for a while, Yellow Crane Tower is not far away, then decided to walk. If it is to take a taxi, arrived early but doesn’t know what to do, or perhaps in the cold shivering) choose to walk because there is a visual impression of the city. A car is typically most general. Give me the map navigation to the parking lot near the east gate of Yellow Crane Tower, a person with the way the dark light flashlight walking in the area, not a little afraid, just feel a little thin blue letinous edodes feeling. East Gate did not see Yellow Crane Tower, only an archway and tourist hub. Taking photos at hand a side walk down the stairs archway.  相关的主题文章: