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Who buy these portraits: nouveau riche in 20 million + luxury results stupefying – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network?? (editor Sun Sisi) in fact, this year the Shanghai property market is very good, we still remember our earlier article analyzed, compared to 2015, Shanghai ten million luxury house over 8000 sets, while the first half of 2016 Shanghai in more than 10 million of the total house a total turnover of 5041 units, accounted for more than last year turnover of 60%. ?? Recently, there are a few high-end residential projects will soon enter the market, they are not going to sell the nouveau riche? Xiao Bian can only stare in here. So, the question is, who is buying these houses? Xiaobian to gossip about die today. Just, small first to pull a "in October this year, the average transaction price of the ten projects list", then help Locke cloud seeing the 10 real estate transaction history of customer information, a portrait of nouveau riche just appears…… ?? Small preliminary glance at the 10 projects, find the cheapest to about 20000000 sets, the mind immediately emerged some time ago to listen to the chatted a topic — Shanghai is now 20 million of the total price of the house can be called. ADO, here entered, what kind of people buy these houses? Regional distribution: Pudong leading list and other data, the regional distribution of luxury, Pudong still accounted for the bulk of the former ten seats in October before the transaction accounted for five seats. ?? From distribution: Shanghai people according to statistics, the first ten projects, Shanghai accounted for about 55%. Is the highest proportion of Maoming Cade mansion, close to 80%. It seems that the people of Huaihailu Road is still very recognized in Shanghai. Age distribution: the rise of the 80 – year – old and the distribution of the property buyers, after 80 has become the main force to buy a house, accounting for nearly 30% of the average. Including the purchase of Lakeville 80 accounted for the highest proportion, 60%. It seems that 80 also love Huaihailu Road ah. The proportion of men and women: men and women less? From the real estate transaction data over the years, the property buyers are generally more than female buyers. Among them, the eastern one male buyers accounted for the most, 68%, and more female buyers is COFCO seascape one size, accounted for 51%. [attach]???? in 2015 to the first half of 2016?? Shanghai ten million mansion (residential) volume trend?? source: Research Department of important Shanghai chain of home market: the content of this page, so as to satisfy the user’s needs and provide information collection service information, not advertising. The contents contained in the page does not represent the views or opinions of the site, for user reference and reference, and ultimately to the developer of the actual publicity prevail. Pre-sale of commercial housing must be made pre-sale permit, the user needs to carefully examine the developer’s certificate information in the purchase.相关的主题文章: