Hefei into the influenza epidemic in the elderly and children are susceptible population carmex润唇膏

Hefei entered the flu season old children are susceptible to rainy, cooler weather, learned from the Hefei City Center for Disease Control and prevention, according to the law and the analysis of influenza surveillance, every year in November to next March for the flu season. Experts suggest that before the onset of the high season, seasonal influenza vaccine is the best time to vaccination, immunity after vaccination for one year. Within one year can reduce the chance of vaccination of influenza infection or reduce the symptoms of influenza, weak or basic diseases of the focus of attention to timely vaccination active prevention. So, who should get a flu shot? Did you get a flu shot last year? In addition to influenza vaccination, what are the ways to prevent influenza? A especially the elderly and children vaccinated according to the introduction, influenza (Flu) is an acute respiratory tract caused by a, B and C three influenza virus infection, mainly through air droplets, generally susceptible population, is also one of the most common infectious diseases in spring and winter. The elderly, children and the infirm is susceptible to the flu, this kind of person should be early influenza vaccination. The flu can aggravate the underlying diseases (such as heart and lung diseases) or cause secondary bacterial pneumonia or primary influenza virus pneumonia, prone to severe complications in the elderly and suffering from various chronic diseases or physical weakness from the flu. At the same time, influenza infection is an important cause of death in the elderly. The average annual mortality rate of influenza related respiratory and circulatory diseases in northern China reached 124 thousand and 100, of which more than 90% occurred in the elderly over the age of 65. Experts said that influenza vaccination is the world’s most effective measures to prevent influenza. Before the flu season on human influenza vaccine vaccination, can reduce the chance of infection of influenza vaccination or alleviate the symptoms of influenza caused by influenza, reduce the population excess hospitalization rate and excess mortality, reducing the harm caused by the pandemic. Foreign research shows that the protection of children aged 1-15 years of influenza vaccination for the effectiveness of 77%-91%; 60 years old after influenza vaccination effect protection influenza related respiratory disease was 58%; the elderly influenza vaccination, can reduce the 27%-70% flu and pneumonia related hospitalization. B influenza vaccine need to be vaccinated every year before the flu vaccine last year, also need to be vaccinated? In this regard, the chief expert of China CDC epidemiology Professor Zeng Guang, the specificity of influenza virus is in the middle of the change, can make people repeat infection and disease, so the annual vaccine group branch is different. At the same time, the immunity of the human body after inoculation with influenza vaccine will decrease with time. Evidence from clinical trials suggests that the protective effect of inactivated influenza vaccine against a similar strain can be maintained for 6-8 months, that is, over 8 months, the body of the vaccine to protect the "power" will weaken. Therefore, the CDC recommends that, regardless of whether the previous season, influenza vaccination, still need to be in the year before the onset of the flu season. It is understood that each year on April, WHO will be based on monitoring data around the point.相关的主题文章: