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One of the three lines of the old lady’s readme: the history of financial changes over the past 20 years – Sohu financial management now she is most often heard in the bank is: do you guarantee this product or not? Life in the three line of the city, this year has been 73 year old Wu old woman does not have too much financial knowledge, she asked the financial 360 small: money in the bank, and this is not guaranteed to say how? Time back to twenty or thirty years ago, Wu old woman in finance is actually a "tide" people. In 1979, Wu granny ended sheep farming life, the first job: civilian in state-owned enterprises. Now she still clearly remember the first month’s salary: 25 yuan. A lot of 80 should also think of it as a child on the roadside wall slogan: "savings, country". At that time, mostly dealing with people and land, were not what money, hard to save a little money, feeling in his hand to make them feel at ease, no one is willing to put the money in his sight. Wu granny did not think so, in cash may be hidden, fire flooding, rat bite, chew the dog stolen and robbed. As the bank deposit insurance box, you can also eat bank interest again to deposit money into the bank, watching the number of changes, Wu old woman feels really good. In 1981 the state treasury bonds for the first time, ten years of debt, interest is 4 per cent since the issuance of sixth years, 5 years for the 5 time to repay the principal requirements, state ownership and collective ownership units to buy 2 billion yuan, urban and rural people to buy 2 billion yuan, the Treasury is "dead money" can not do is when the currency circulation. At that time, people only financial products. How can farmers understand the national debt? No one is willing to digest these shares, Wu old unit where the 1 is mandatory, the amount of 20 thousand yuan. In order to complete the task, must buy!" Remove the savings passbook from Mrs Wu, bought 200 yuan. Others looked at Wu old woman took out hard saved money, my heart whispered: this money can not come back? Wu old woman in your heart, "I bought treasury bonds is to lend to the country, how can countries owe?" Life is much better now, 10 consecutive years of pension raised for 10 times, and now it is enough to spend the pension." Mrs Wu told Xiao Bian Rong 360, 1995, at the age of 52, she retired from the business. When she retired, only 389 yuan per month pension, plus his wife a few hundred dollars a month salary, life jinbaba was stable. At that time, China’s implementation of the single endowment insurance system, all the problems of life, including pension by the state and enterprises all pack down, from the beginning of 1985 the implementation of employee retirement costs of social pooling pilot to the state-owned enterprises. Mrs Wu said, "although has not pay endowment insurance, but also can get the proportion of retirement pension, unlike now to pay the fee for this tax." July 8, 1983, the birth of new China’s first stock, which is issued by the Baoan County, Shenzhen Associates Investment Company to the public, the original shares". 1993 to 1994, the mainland stock index fell from 1512 points to 325 points, down by more than half, more than half of the stock fell more than 80%.相关的主题文章: