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Elected KMT chairman and aspirations? Wu Dunyi proposed "four conditions" – Taiwan Channel – people.com.cn original title: Chairman of the Kuomintang and aspirations? Wu Dunyi mention the four conditions, Wu Dunyi arrived San Francisco International Airport. (source: Taiwan "electronic newspaper") China Taiwan network October 10th news recently, deputy leaders to participate in activities in the United States and Taiwan area before Wu Dunyi, due to the high decibel shelling KMT Chairman Hong Xiuzhu, caused by the interpretation of the outside world this is Wu Dunyi for August next year for the party chairman, and won the "2020 Taiwan leader election." got guns". Taiwan "electronic newspaper" reported that Wu Dunyi in the press continued questioning, has promoted four conditions say its aspirations to large "". Reported that during the visit to the United States, although the media repeatedly tried to ask Wu Dunyi: will stand for the KMT chairman next year? The media was born, a veteran in battle Wu Dunyi certainly knows how to cope with this problem. Wu Dunyi gives the standard answer is: "I did not say the election, did not say not to choose". Taiwan media interpretation, Wu Dunyi has said so straightforward, anyone out of his audible overtones. As a matter of fact, one of Wu Dunyi’s feet was out! Wu Dunyi told reporters in San Francisco during a visit to Taiwan media said, "I can’t just run off in the office anymore, no matter what, do not, do not." Since "age is not large, physical fitness is also very good, rich experience, past performance is also engaged in a variety of OK" Wu den Yih said, "do you want to do it, or don’t do these things, not just QiXinDongNian to make a decision, we must do careful evaluation, can provoke so, can you take up as a team? If it can be put into the fight with, if not the Introspection Ability and experience, it should not go into, so good." The reporter continued questioning, Wu Dunyi said the four conditions of Tricholoma aspirations "say" preparation: first, can construct a low-cost and efficient kind and diligent to authorities; second, have confidence can build a prosperous and prosperous economy; third, to do justice and harmonious society; fourth, the ability to ensure sustainable peace and stability of international relations and harmonious development of cross-strait relations. Wu Dunyi further pointed out that "these four elements is the ruling party or anything to do, is to become the ruling party responsible person must have experience, experience, ability and character, these four elements are indispensable." Wu Dunyi said, who has these four abilities, that is who’s responsibility." Although Wu Dunyi did not want to sell yourself with this four kinds of ability, and that is not the time for decision, but the media interpreted this: Wu Dunyi should be selected! (Chinese Taiwan network (Gao Xu) Wang Ying (Internship), commissioning editor: Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: