The history of our country for the country to open the first seat of the royal temple tourism – Sohu 姉summer

The history of our country for the country to open the first seat of the royal temple tourism opening – Sohu daxiangguo temple was built in the Northern Qi Tianbao six years, is located in the famous historical and cultural city, the ancient capital of eight dynasties opened downtown. The temple has a long history, dating back more than 1450 years of history, is one of China’s ten major Buddhist temples. Daxiangguo Temple heyday, covers an area of 540 acres, the construction of a "brilliant magnificent, beautiful decoration, loss of clouds", by the emperor worship, very influential position, the history of our country is the first "for the country to open the" royal temple "". The history of the daxiangguo Temple monks, a scholar, magnificent architecture, rich Tibetan temple. The Tang Dynasty painter Wu Daozi, and the famous writer and thinker, Su Shi Wang Anshi, had been in the temple left a brilliant footprint. The classical masterpiece "Water Margin" in "Lu Zhishen pull down Chuiyangliu" story, is known to every family. In addition, the "Zi Sheng uptrend," prime minister bell "landscape, also ranked" Bianjing eight ", with fame spreading far and wide. Cigarette smoke, flying in the Vatican painted sails; sound, as thousands of miles. Daxiangguo temple has become an important foreign exchange club buddhism. Daxiangguo Temple Buddhist music also has a long history, has a long history, is the treasure of Chinese ancient Buddhist culture in a bright pearl. As a royal temple of the daxiangguo temple, to a world cultural elite Bo mind become a party to the Holy spirit. Daxiangguo Temple Buddhist music as China intangible cultural heritage project, not only is Henan people’s cultural wealth, is the cultural treasures China and world elite, was the industry as "the world’s first royal Buddhist music". Two two storey Pavilion on both sides of the daxiangguo temple gate, the distribution is symmetric Zhonggu two floor, 1992 re building. The bell tower is hanging in the Qing Dynasty relics, cast on the "imperial map YONGGU, a Buddist doctrine, Emperor Tao Xia Chang, become" Buddha sixteen words. Ringing is beautiful, especially in autumn and winter percussion, sound clear, resounded through the city, known as "Xiangguo cream bell" reputation, is one of the eight kaifeng! The existing temple architecture, but the Qing Shunzhi eighteen years and thirty-one years of Qianlong built, covers an area of 30 acres, king hall, main hall, octagonal glass house, Canon house Temple monuments preservation. Presented by the Singapore Lingshan temple Shakya Mani Mami relic, on 1993 in Anfeng temple. The temple of the Buddha beautiful decoration, esteeming the production of sophisticated, are Buddhist sculpture art treasures. Octagonal Glass House Center Pavilion ginkgo wood thousand eyes like Avalokitesvara, carved in the Qianlong period in 1736 – 1785, which lasted 50 years, the statue is 7 meters high, like four, each side is divided into four layers, a total of 1000 carved arms, process refined, beautiful shape, very unique. Precious. Grand Xiangguo Temple magnificent, in the diange building, with Zi Sheng Ge as the center and representative. Zi Sheng Ge Xing waste is a microcosm of the rise and fall of the daxiangguo temple. Zi Sheng Ge layer was rebuilt, destroyed. Now the daxiangguo Temple rebuilt Zi Sheng Ge, is expected to return on the glorious event. Daxiangguo temple courtyard deep, precise layout, grand temple, glory dwells, magnificent, is the ancient city of iconic cultural attractions.相关的主题文章: