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Hebei scenic area sales simulation of "guns" police seized by law merchant (Figure) – all kinds of simulation "guns Luanxian Beijing police confiscated". Luanxian Public Security Bureau for photo Beijing Tangshan on 14 October, (Cui Tao Zhang Fan) 13, Beijing to Hebei scenic area is a "big sale shops simulation" guns "(map)" title, reported the Hebei province Tangshan City Luanxian scenic city shops luanzhou big sales simulation gun ". 14, Washington reporter learned from the Luanxian Public Security Bureau, Luanxian police on the scenic city of Luan raids, at present, the Council has to be seized for illegal sale of imitation guns, and on the basis of the "People’s Republic of China gun law" in accordance with the law on the legal person for two merchant were 15 days of administrative detention punishment. According to the Luanxian police, on the morning of 13, the Bureau of public security unit and under the jurisdiction of the Luanhe River police station 15 police officers, according to two named "Military Museum" and "cinema 5D" suspected of selling "airsoft gun" merchant assault inventory operations, the operation seized 27 imitation guns, grenades 4 simulation a simulation, mortars 2, mortar shells 10, simulation simulation, simulation of bullet chain 6 Series 10 bullets, grenades, 2 Simulation simulation clip 1, and be seized of the two businesses. All kinds of "Luanxian police seized firearms simulation". After the Luanxian Public Security Bureau for the map to take inventory action, the Council immediately contact the superior public security organs for the collection of goods for joint identification, has been identified as the collection of firearms simulation guns. Media reports of "machine gun", "crooked handle" guns, "Thompson submachine gun", "Czech light machine gun" and "official rifle", "RPG", "mine", "grenade" and other items are a Hebei film props production company. At present, the follow-up verification work is underway. According to the existing state city water sales simulation "guns" store chaos, Luanxian tourism bureau director Xu Xin said, the county has rapid rectification, the next step in order to further control area. The scenic area is managed by the culture industry development service center of the county of Luan River, the County Tourism Bureau, although also checked, but the feedback cues will be dealt with by the service center, the shop is illegal by the introduction of the scenic city merchants Luan, found the problem will make the service management center. According to the reporter, the national standards for the identification of the 4A level is very strict, for security, environment, etc. there are many detailed requirements. According to the national 4A level scenic state city water sales simulation "guns", scholars, tourism experts Liu Simin told Beijing reporters, said, in the scenic city of luanzhou shops operating and scenic area management, have certain regulatory responsibility of tourist scenic spot management. As a manager, it is necessary to supervise the illegal behavior of the tenant. As of press time, as state city water management, culture industry development service center of Luanhe River did not respond on the matter. (end)相关的主题文章: