The meeting was held in Chongqing to upgrade the transformation of national primary and secondary sc 特命战队go busters

The meeting was held in Chongqing to upgrade the current transformation of national primary and secondary school, our driver training market has entered a new era in driving trainees from high growth to low growth; industry have entered the "driving + Internet" era, the new "motor vehicle driving instruction and exam outline" has been driving training the promulgation and implementation of time training, the first post pay new driver training mode is also vigorously promote the development of small and medium-sized; driving into a new market environment, encountered a series of problems of market decline, vicious competition, China’s small and medium-sized driving environment is increasingly complex, together with its own small scale, weak capital and resources few other factors, small and medium-sized school restructuring and upgrading urgently. In the new historical period, how to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the vast number of small and medium-sized school, has become a major issue of culture industry attention. On November 8-9, from Sichuan, Guiyang, Shanxi, Hubei and other parts of the country more than 400 small and medium-sized school representatives attended the first national primary and secondary school management to upgrade the "exchange of experience in Chongqing, the experts and scholars and industry leaders through heavy fog, for the sustainable development of small and medium-sized Chinese maze pointing the school, the guests around the small driving in the driver training market supply side reform" as the theme of the discussion. This forum by China Transportation Association driving Association and Chongqing Culture Industry Association jointly organized. Department of Transportation Management Institute of scientific research and Training Supervisor Zhang Zhuting, China total transportation association driving Federation Chairman Zhang Ning, Secretary General Liu Zhiguo, the Ministry of Transport Research Institute senior researcher Xiong Yanwu, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Authority training management office director Tian Haibo, Chongqing culture industry association responsible person and the Guiyang Driver Training Association chairman Xing Dachuan attended and made a keynote speech. Although many people attending the meeting is very tall, but the topic of the meeting is down to earth. From small driving the challenges and opportunities facing the strategic transformation of "China enterprise more than 30 years of growth and Enlightenment of SMEs under the new normal driving, driving to the direction of future development, the development of small and medium-sized Japanese driving fine service and German small driving on China’s small and medium-sized school survival enlightenment"; from the "new driving test driving training the residence permit system, and after the implementation of the new syllabus, how to adapt to the school reform, accelerate the transformation and upgrading" to "small driving and how to adhere to the brand marketing and the difference of the road, jump out of the vicious price war", "driving from the traditional direct marketing, contract management model comparison and development" to "small driving implementation the chain like management and the group development feasibility and operability of" small driving in the management difficulties and doubts are discussed, dialogue, discussion The question is the small driving concern. Small driving is a big part of our driver training market, accounting for more than 80%-90%, and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises is a long-term strategy in china. Small and medium-sized enterprises in the end how to upgrade? This is a lot of small driving business managers concerned. At this meeting, Chinese Transportation Association driving Federation Chairman Zhang Ning said: at present, the driver training market is undergoing major and profound changes in the market, overcapacity, the beginning of the two grade of differentiation,.相关的主题文章: