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"Storm hero" is about to open the second season of   the master class only 200 people, game original title: "the storm hero" the second season is about to open the master class only 200 / second season propaganda figure September 15th, accompanied by the "on-line storm hero" mechanical hegemony new version of the new second season will officially debut. New heroes, new battlefield, the new system will certainly be able to let you have a refreshing feeling for the second season. Let’s take a look at the new element in the second season. [Dan] in "master more rare storm heroes", the operation of your level or rank, will be the league level and the level of order to reflect. As the master level is the symbol of the strength of Dan, space-time hub heroes are the pursuit of the goal. In the second season, the number of "storm hero" master class from 500 down to 200. So for this Dan ranking competition will also become more intense, to enter the ranks of Dan will become the real king of spatio-temporal game player hub. Heroes League second season avatar [lift]] according to the feedback of the community players, "the storm hero" on the lifting of the race to optimize the adjustment. In the promotion or win in the relegation tournament will no longer win or lose 250 ranking points, the score of these games will now be the same as the general rankings. This will greatly enhance the game player game, game player is not because of concerns about the lifting level lost the tournament and trembled with fear. The rules are as follows: as soon as you reach 1000 points, your next game will be a promotion. When you participate in a qualifying game, you will be in the previous game to win all the more than 1000 points in the limit of the integration of the system will be stored in the rankings, and after the completion of your promotion. You will win points in the tournament and the points you have previously saved, so you may see more points than usual after winning. Losing the qualifying game will deduct points from the game’s points, so you may lose sight of the points you lost after the game. If your ranking points are reduced to 0, you will likely be relegated to the next level, so your next game will be a demotion. The adjusted relegation will not save the lost points, so if you lose in the relegation, you will lose the same points as usual. If you win the relegation game, you will remain at the existing level, and will win the championship points, temporarily back to the safe zone. The second team league season [Second] season head top award is a detailed description of the following Awards: Bronze hero League: Bronze hero League head silver: 750 gold, silver hero League: 1000 gold, gold gold head hero League: 1250 gold and platinum picture element lion mounts, platinum Hero: 1500 gold, Diamond League head elements lion mounts, heroes of the Diamond League head masters: 1750 gold coins, elements of lion mounts, mounts, master of epic elements lion hero League head master: 2000 gold coins, elements of lion horse)相关的主题文章: