Putin the Russian party system has won seventh State Duma elections in Beijing 纪元1701

Putin: the Russian party system has won seventh State Duma elections – Beijing, China News Agency, Moscow, September 18 Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiujun) local 18, Russian President Dmitry Putin said in Moscow, the seventh session of the Russian State Duma election results have been very clear, the United Russia party (ruling party) won the election. On the day of Russia held the seventh session of the State Duma (parliament) election. All Russian voters to elect 450 members of the State Duma of approximately 2100 candidates from 14 political parties in the election. This is Russia resumed the Mixed Electoral System for the first time after the parliamentary elections, widely concerned. The statistics of the Russian Central Election Commission on the 12% day of the vote, results showed that the Russian party system, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Communist Party of Russia and the Russian Justice Party votes were 46.76%, 17.03%, 16.4% and 6.4%. Russia and the United States had the first rank of the votes, far ahead of other parties. According to exit polls released by the Russian public opinion fund after the vote, the United Russia party in the election won 48.7% of the support rate, ranking first among all parties. The Russian Communist Party won 16.3% of the vote, the highest number of votes in the list of second. Followed by the Liberal Democratic Party, won 14.2% of the support, while the just Russian Party won a vote of 7.6%. None of the remaining 10 candidates received more than 5% support. An exit poll is a survey of voters who have just stepped out of the polling station at polling stations and asked voters to vote for the results. According to the practice, exit polls concluded and usually not much difference between the final election results. Putin after the end of the election to the headquarters of the Russian Federation said in a statement, the election results have been very clear, the United Russia party has achieved very good results, won the election. Putin said that the current public life is not easy, but voters still vote for the United Russia party. This shows that the Russian people to see the party to work hard for the public, even if not all things have been successful. Putin said that the results of the election reflects the aspirations of voters, indicating that people want the political situation in Russia and the situation in parliament to maintain stability. Russia is the largest party in Russia, with more than 2 million 100 thousand members. The party was appointed chairman Putin, the current chairman of the Russian Prime Minister Medvedev. The party was under the leadership of Putin, in the sixth countries gain a complete victory in the parliamentary elections, the absolute majority of seats in the Duma possession. (end)相关的主题文章: