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The "red flag" Avatar "snack" fan Ling Zi and Zhang Su – Fan Ling Zi and entertainment Sohu in Zhang Su Ling Zi fan for love at first sight to Sohu entertainment news by Shaanxi Cultural Investment Group, SMG pictures, Shenzhen radio and television group, Beijing spring storm, cohesion media, China entertainment era Film Co produced by the major theme of revolutionary history TV the "red flag" in West drama is the Oriental TV prime time hit. Fan Lingzi is ambitious to actively read the military plays for the high heart, in patriotic enthusiasm also revealed some cute, like crystal cake "snack" the audience impressed her. Fan Lingzi and Zhang Su played the love at first sight, two of the sweet love of the beginning of the war by the test of the. Fan Lingzi "snack" Meng Da revealed a little cute innocence "red flag manjuan West" as a key play to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, about Northwest revolutionary base are the revolutionary pioneer in blood will be spilled on the spirit of the Red Army China northwest history. Fan Lingzi played for the high born wealthy family, his father was Feng Yuxiang’s commander, well versed in fancies of men of letters. Although you can enjoy the fullness of life, but in the background of the revolution, the hearts of ambitious she resolutely embarked on the road of revolution. Fan Lingzi with his understanding of the characters in this play, Gao Zixuan, she is not every day, shouting slogans and patriotic youth in the revolutionary influence still holds his innocence, all reveal a little cute, but like the Crystal Cake "snack" image to Gao Zixuan in addition to a more honest smart, and reduce the distance between the audience. Fan Lingzi has his own understanding of the role: "for the high dimensional, and very young, in the revolutionary enthusiasm of character will certainly be some lovely place." Fan Lingzi Zhang Su "love at first sight" revolution love is more precious for the high Fan Lingzi’s pure and lovely, love also is full of romantic imagination. In the play, she and Zhang Su played the mind of the revolutionary enthusiasm of the ambitious young people at the first sight of love, two people’s love in the revolution of the era of the more precious and precious in the face of the age of. Due to the impact of the revolutionary situation, the two had to temporarily separate. The separation of Fan Lingzi and Zhang Su into tears of play, fan Ling Zi high for the delicate heart but very strong side deduction is perfect, although the hearts of all don’t give up, but the most willing to Li Zhiyuan back. Two people love the hardships of the road, so the audience was touched off. Fan Lingzi as a rookie, not only in the play is full of personality, emotional control is in place, a degree of relaxation, let the audience see the Fan Lingzi show strength. For two people are drama, some netizens commented: "for the high and Li Zhiyuan on this Odyssey cried watching both show the young fan Ling Zi: the longing for love, and show love to pay for play back, love for the high."相关的主题文章: