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He established a merit award: Xi Jinping signed the order of the Central Military Commission for his celebration – Sohu Military Channel text with map: anti missile. — Chen Deming. China army – army newspaper reporters on 27 August, Beijing: don’t forget the heart, continue to move forward. This morning, the Central Military Commission to force 63620 a researcher Chen Deming recorded a first celebration held in beijing. At the meeting, announced the Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping signed the award orders and awarded merit badge certificates to Chen Deming. In 26 years, Chen Deming has always been a strong military patriotic mission, adhere to the Gobi desert, the country as the greatest pursuit of casting sword shield, staring at the future battlefield, heart beat mission, in the implementation of hundreds of rounds of missile flight test mission, to complete the "kinetic energy anti missile range test technology" and other more than and 10 major the project led to speed up the construction of new combat forces, the army made a significant contribution to enhance the combat capability of our army in the new quality. Who won the two national science and technology progress award 1, military science and technology prize 1, two prize 9, third-prize 6, authorized national defense patent 10; awarded individual merit 1 times, two. 1, three, 2, was recognized as outstanding communist army. In July this year, the central news media focused on the propaganda of Comrade Chen Deming’s advanced deeds.相关的主题文章: