OD Guo Qilin said the new secret Deyunshe comic and tragic history cad2012序列号和密钥

OD Guo Qilin said the tragic history of new secret Deyunshe comic entertainment Tencent Zhejiang TV broadcast season actually play the original comedy variety comedy "Nemo" will 20:30 tonight usher in the second stage of the second qualifying period. This program, the famous host, football commentator Huang Jianxiang will be on behalf of the class on behalf of the captain of the class, and the front of the battle of the Guo Degang team. Four groups of participants completed actually play the team prepared to meet the challenge, for the audience in a new round of comedy "Huashan mountain". Sha Yi, Hu He broke the couple set, and Zhao class new partner Cheng Ye, Yadar, "big aunt" Yu Yuexian sparks; Du Chun Zhang Xiaofei, once and again, the WIA, opera, martial arts silhouette into his works, burst burning comedy stage multi dimension visual impact; OD Xian phase sound debut, from Guo Qilin Yan Hexiang, tricky, deep secret Deyunshe new tragic history. Sha Yi Hu He, the demolition of the other group CP class to help Zhao heard "Empty Nester" of Sha Yi and Hu He in this program ushered in a new comedy partner, with apprehension and the mood of the unknown, they opened the show lounge door, then appeared on the stage drama comedian Cheng Ye and Yadar strength that make them feel surprise. The first mate, Zhao Jiaban born like Sha Yi, Hu He and make them instantly well up, and in the creation of the concept of the speculation has become their first accelerant cooperation has very smooth. In this comedy "father", Sha Yi and Hu He broke the couple set, the other group CP respectively. Sha Yi and Yadar as "fake husband" was forced to hand strung the bursting point, while Hu He and the other men help speech recombinant couples staged a "true son" embarrassing drama. Laughs, a reversal at the end of the moving, Cheng Ye’s father called "image Empty Nester" family of topics in his works. Du Chun, Zhang Xiaofei offered another love costume masterpiece maxed out comedy stage magic high on the show, single game ranking first in the Du Chun and Zhang Xiaofei in this period will be setting a sageuk comedy "gone Xiaoxian", Du Chun’s "martial arts prodigy" and the stars to send Zhang Xiaofei again. It is worth mentioning that, in order to enhance the dramatic effect, they had a agent works on the visual effect in the dirt. Zhang Xiaofei turned WIA behind the "flying woman" staged a wonderful play to save beau Du Chun, and Du Chun in the performance of the scenery in the shadow of the effects, the scene is quite shocking. "The comedy story" the faithful audience must remember, in the first phase of the program in the first stage of the Chen and Jia Ling works with the heart "Hello, Li Huanying" won the first battle, but the second game was ranked at the bottom. The second stage, Zhang Xiaofei replaced Jia Ling and Du Chun carry the banner bowl entertainment also got first results of the first second games actually play they can break the "big curse" to get good grades? Let us wait and see. OD and Guo Qilin Yan Hexiang offered comic debut in challenge group of comic OD following the program with partner Guo Qilin completed the comic first appeared after this period and the dedication of the apprentice Guo Degang after the comic debut. As the first new comic, OD performed with Guo Qilin, Yan Hexiang challenges a group of comic. In the works, "little Guo Qilin Deyunshe troupe typhoon show family comic sound.相关的主题文章: