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The second shot to the red net manufacturing cash outlet: short video platform pattern change? – Sohu Wenwang technology come reticulocyte may usher in an unprecedented good times. The day before, gongbang hosted a live broadcast of the second shot, CO sponsored the "2016 World Red network conference held in Beijing National Convention Center, to jointly explore the red net economic business model. The birth of the network is inseparable from a large number of domestic short video and live platform. Shoot from the United States to the second shot, from a live to reflect the guest, a lot of short video production platform and a large number of live broadcast platform red. The net production platform has begun to enter the capital market. More notably, the science and technology across the short video broadcast platform to the two largest red net production base, with the second shot, small coffee show, a live three explosive product, has become one of the most important China reticulocyte production platform. The second launch platform: improve the creators of content producers profit chain, the technology’s second shot will come up with more ambition, $100 million to the integration of upstream and downstream enterprises, to create a short video ecosystem model, focusing the short video industry, the original video content producers in spring. At the same time, the second shot the launch of the second shot creator platform ", a senior vice president of science and technology Liu Xinzheng in the Red Net World Congress on this platform are described: in the second video creators on the platform, the author will be able to complete one-stop video upload, video, video tube multiple process promotion, commercial realization etc. at the same time, the use of; can take seconds seconds unique identity creator platform provides the shoot video; can be recommended, resulting in higher amount of play, popularity and advertising. In addition to "entrepreneurial platform", a technology for the flow and income of the original video second shot two also conducted a series of layout: one: the introduction of the video programs on week plan, original video columns for the promotion of more resources to tilt, and investment value of more than 80 million of the original video resources for cooperation; in addition, the second shot at micro-blog and micro-blog will be on the line during the fans headline "seconds Hui" function, reduce the cost to promote the video. The second is divided into commercial income: the second shot will start in the near future patch advertising into plans for investment into land patch quotation and flow into advertising exposure proportion to the video author. The system will be fully integrated into the creator platform. Once again is the support of the video production sectors: with the cooperation of the Tang and Tang culture to set up the first video creators base, and can lower the price of rental equipment. In addition to Shanghai, the technology will also be in Beijing, Hangzhou and other cities to set up more creators base, boost the video author to produce more sophisticated content. As can be seen, the second shot entrepreneurs platform from the content, business income, promotion of resources tilt three angles to support the short video content entrepreneurs, short video network red entrepreneurs or will usher in the realization of profit in the spring. Short video platform competition mechanism and the production mechanism of red net content has changed we know, as early as in June 2013, Instagram quickly followed the short video sharing function. The same)相关的主题文章: