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The new Uber line today: reduced product line China special for app, implying that the car industry worries? – Sohu technology war ended two months. In two months ago, Uber announced a global strategic agreement with the acquisition of Uber China’s brand, business, data and other services. Exhausted opponents to compromise with each other, two years of travel field war officially ended. What software do you like to use? Drops? Uber? Do not tangle, anyway, they are a family. Today, Uber will launch a new version of the Chinese version of Uber app in China, renamed Uber excellent step in China’s app contrast before the version made some adjustments, Uber and drops have become more like a family. The new version of the Uber app adjustment? Love fan children have on the Uber version of the app was measured, in simple terms, the main difference lies in the following points: logo version of the Uber app design changes at the bottom right corner of logo added a "new" as the distinction between Uber, said the new app will be from now on line in the apple App and Store the major application market, as part of the city and began to open the first pilot trial in November 3rd, the new app will be fully operational in all city. Install package shrink and from the new version of the app installation package from the original close to the size of the 100MB to 20-30MB. From the installation information, we also found that the new version of the Uber app developer has become a small orange Beijing science and technology, that is, drops. And it also shows that after the acquisition of Uber China has been attributed to drops travel, rather than Uber Global. The new online customer service, increase the vehicle information, passengers and drivers in app AC than logo and other top developers change, new online customer service, vehicle information and passengers can communicate with drivers in app these three functions for taxi passengers experience are optimized. The new artificial real-time online customer service, passengers can at any time through the app to communicate with the customer, taking into account the drops travel app with call function, then Uber is also likely to provide customer access by manual telephone service. In addition to the existing driver name. Vehicle type, license plate number, the new version of Uber app will increase the color of the vehicle information, passengers know the vehicle color, type and license plate number, the process of finding the car will become more convenient. Join the driver and passengers in the app communication function, it will no longer appear to have each driver orders after a call to determine the location and time to pick up passengers, simple content can communicate through app. After returning to the attribution of WeChat drops travel, Uber China suffered in the previous相关的主题文章: