Late continuous stepped back hidden murderous dead end is to make a choice 高达08ms小队

Late continuous step back to a "dead end" is hidden dangers must choose replay masters have been very strange, why cheat on the phone can accurately tell my bank account and amount, which makes many victims are convinced, the original bank staff in the "ghost"! Police in Hubei province Tongshan County in Xianning city in September 7th informed the police investigation, the clerk Chen Cheng used to facilitate the work of a bank in the county, the query to the depositors of personal information (including name, ID number, bank card number, account balance, mobile phone number) to each of the 20 price sold Zhang Yuan to 50 yuan. Police preliminary statistics, Chen Cheng, a total of more than 800 illegal sales information, illegal profit of more than 4 yuan. The line is from the hands of the staff, including bank executives get reselling depositors information more than 1400, illegal profits of nearly 200 thousand yuan. Disk analysis: today, two city shrinkage correction, continue to maintain the pattern of finishing. On the disk, the recent concept of a strong PPP cooling, while the weight of the downturn in the hot spots scattered, building materials, health care, electricity providers, communications, a strong continuity under the worse, the two cities differentiation obvious. Stocks, pulled a Vanke, Jiakai City, Langfang development of fashion, but the market sentiment is obvious, liangnengweisu restricts the market fundamental reason to break up. The hot market is not sustained, the lack of mainstream new hot spots of these old problems still exist today, intraday trading stocks for more than 5 billion market capitalization, excluding shares, time shares, most have assets into the expected major shareholders to sell control of shell shares, investors can properly. How to operate tomorrow: on the news, the current A shares has been at a high level during the year, to go upside, it must be a continuous flow of water to digest the top a lock plate, and in the financial regulatory background, outside the capital strong sentiment, the incremental capital into large-scale field is difficult to achieve in the short term. Shanghai and Hong Kong has achieved 25 consecutive trading days of net inflows, which even in the last year of the bull market is also a rare spectacle, shows that foreign investment in the A stock market still favored a plus, think this point has a value of hunters. At the same time, two financial balance for the first time in more than 8 consecutive months of growth, creating a new high of more than a month, more than three months, indicating that leveraged funds are stepping up the pace approach, to some extent boost the stock index rebound. Technically, the market today in a narrow range, the market volume to shrink significantly, the main trading willingness of light. Prev yesterday to break the line failure, the afternoon was pulled, but no amount of upside again suppressed in line, intraday fell below the 20 day moving average support, or both sides will be fierce competition. Line five with Yang and 20 day moving average gradually move shows that the short-term trend is still bullish on one side, to the 20 day moving average line and gradually collapsed, the market will face the choice of direction key. Gem 20 day moving average and 60 day moving average MACD coming up, indicating that multi attack intention. The weekly level KDJ index to MACD divergence shows that the medium-term trend is still to the good. Still have the action to be able to. Two consecutive trading days trading showed different degrees of diving, in the long sharp upside in line with close at hand situation, have certain whipsaws especially in May, will be a breakthrough in the line;相关的主题文章: