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Market supply and demand intense pork price shock adjustment Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Since entering the industry in September generally bullish outlook pork prices, but bullish also believes that the price of pork rose probability is not high, the overall based on the high rise in small. A modest rebound has become more recognized industry argument, so the shortage of supply in the years, why the market outlook hog price rally to a moderate rebound rally space? In fact, this view is the current pork price has been in the pig cycle decline phase, but capacity recovery process is slow, prolonged high pork price run length and later led to the decline of speed is slow. This year, small retail investors in the delisting, repair and wait and see stage, while the scale of breeding enterprises although there are expansion of the layout, but the need for a cycle. With more and more strict environmental protection efforts, resulting in the majority of aquaculture production area showed limited support, the ban, and this process is a nationwide, re layout of the region result in pig herds recovery rate subject to certain obstacles. In the northeast area of the mainstream price of pigs showed a steady downward trend, today’s mainstream settlement price downward slaughtering enterprises, large-scale pig farm pig slaughter price is stable mainstream. Slaughtering enterprises in Heilongjiang area the mainstream settlement price downward, slaughtering enterprises a good variety of benign mixed pig purchase price in 8.4-8.65 yuan Jin, some large enterprises listed price of pig breeding pig showed a stable trend, the basic element in the 8.6-8.8 area of Jilin Jin; pork price showed a steady decline in the trend, the mainstream price settlement slaughtering enterprises showed reduced steady phenomenon the local varieties, good good Hybrid Pigs mainstream price stability in 8.4-8.8 yuan Jin, good miscellaneous pig slaughtering enterprises purchasing reference price stability in 8.4-8.6 yuan Jin, pig slaughter prices showed a stable trend, slaughter prices remained at 8.6-8.8 yuan Jin; Liaoning pig price showed a stable trend, price settlement slaughtering enterprises showed a stable trend, the local large-scale slaughtering enterprises direct procurement reference price in 8.5-8.6 yuan Jin, a good variety of good local Hybrid Pigs price stability in 8.5-9.1 yuan Jin, the Ministry of Pig breeding pig slaughter points go Beijing stable prices in 8.95-9.1 yuan jin. North China market: North China market price today showed a narrow range of pig slaughtering enterprises and farms has declined by a phenomenon. Beijing slaughterhouse on the Northeast fine pig settlement price is stable, lean pork settlement price in 18.3-18.4 yuan kg, Hebei area improved pig procurement price down to 8.9 pounds. The local pig slaughter price shock adjustment, today the standard weight of the pig slaughter price in 8.9-9.1 yuan Jin; today Tianjin pig price showed a downward trend, a downward price settlement slaughtering enterprises, the purchase price in 8.9-9.1 yuan Jin, today the local mainstream price 8.9-9.1 yuan Jin; Hebei market today show a steady decline, prices downward settlement mainstream slaughtering enterprises thoroughbred pig slaughtering enterprises, mainstream purchase price in 8.7-9.0 yuan catty, slaughter pig prices adjustment situation stable, the local mainstream price theory相关的主题文章: