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The people in this season is not away from the table a dish, who eats who eat and drink fun – Sohu over the weekend, in addition to help mother flowers product of pickled cabbage, is in the chase drama. A friend will say, you have time this day bustling about, chase drama? This must, at night when codewords, while writing will see (hear) some love, film made films, because in my English level, at the same time to write the original film, really do not ah. I want to see is the complete TV series, because I am a temper, if a week to chase a set, and so on a few months, it is a variety of catch anxious ah. In order to first look, have to do a variety of video VIP, a start is to do the "Tomb notes" Iqiyi members, although not imagine the interesting, but some network drama is pretty good. "Soul ferry" and finally catch up with the end of the third quarter, from the beginning of the 444 convenience stores, to this season’s warm positive energy perfect ending. A full of the ghost stories of the network drama through broadcasting trial, it is not easy. Watching TV is addictive, encounter appetizers and rice delicacy, there will be a week to eat all the feeling of missing. People love to have profound sauerkraut, but the plot. Started as a purely sauerkraut, in order to prolong the storage period of vegetables. Making sauerkraut history can be traced back to the Eastern Han dynasty. Sichuan acid pickled cabbage greasy appetizers, and Guizhou pickled cabbage, can be made into a well-known Fish in Sour Soup, while the Northeast sauerkraut is the best ingredients to make the filling stew. Comparison of classic pork with pickled cabbage, pickled pork stew vermicelli, taste is beautiful, but their parents are older, do not eat too much fat, then we can use the 30% fertilizer 70% lean meat stuffing to make meat balls, the balls soup can be pickled noodles, beef balls, pork Rice-meat dumplings, crisp collocation sauerkraut, smooth fans, the taste is really like one hundred. Ingredients: 250 grams of need: pickled pork stuffing: 1 small fans: 250 grams of dried chili pepper: 15 tablets: 3 seasonings: soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, onion ginger: the amount of practice: 1, pork stuffing into 1 tablespoons of cooking wine, half a teaspoon of soy sauce, salt and the amount of onion ginger, stir a the direction, you can put a little water, increase the toughness of meat stuffing. 2, mix well into meat stuffing uniform small Rice-meat dumplings. Amount of boiling water, 3 wok, boil into Rice-meat dumplings cooked to remove discoloration. 4, prepare 250 grams of pickled cabbage, with warm water soak vermicelli. 5, take a hot pan with a little oil, add pepper stir fry, then pour the peppercorns, hot oil reserve. 6, add dried pepper, pickled cabbage fry reentry. Then add appropriate amount of boiling water, pour half a teaspoon of soy sauce. 7, pour Rice-meat dumplings, turn a small fire, and simmer for 6-8 minutes, leave some soup slightly, Steamed Rice is very fragrant. 8, what is a pickle, never tired of the delicacy drama. [flower] a veteran of the original author of a national public nutritionist multi platform from the media column signed by the author from the global media authority oh相关的主题文章: