Tomorrow again to black five devaluation of cross-border electricity supplier meat pain naughty怎么读

Tomorrow to the "black five" devaluation make cross-border electricity routeng "black five" event "is the price of the real thing, not what the first price price maoni." "Eat soil" in the years of hand chop party in such "double 11", will usher in a "black Friday" test. Tomorrow is once a year "black Friday" (referred to as the "black five"), the West as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season, "black Friday" discount efforts tend to make a lot of the sea Amoy unable to stop, "chop chop hand" crazy. Even suffer domestic cross-border impact of the new deal began eager for a fight "black Friday", hoping to make a turnaround. Endure the double 11 welcome black in order to the United States Messi department store, black Friday discount, Miss Zhao in the frenzy of the "double 11" in the tight wallet, and forbearance and tolerance. "I’m going to buy a long down jacket, a variety of discount, plus tax only 256 dollars, buy a plain jacket to be more than 1000 yuan in China." According to the United States Messi department store’s official website of the sales policy, down jacket products can not be mailed to China, Miss Zhao contact with the United States on behalf of her friend received the goods, and then express back to china. Thus, in recent days a time, Miss Zhao will go to a few foreign electricity supplier website shopping, enrich their shopping cart. "My colleagues and I will share the site’s exploding list in the group." Miss Zhao said, "black Friday and a lot of domestic electricity supplier promotions are not the same, the price is not the real thing, what is the first price price maoni." "Black Friday" originated in the United states. Every year on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day from the beginning of second, people into Christmas shopping, followed by Friday will have a "black Friday", become a year in the United States in the shopping crazy days. Rise of sea Amoy in recent years, the "black Friday" across the sea, also became a lot of Chinese "shopping carnival". In April this year, cross-border electricity supplier to implement a new tax policy, declaring the end of the era of tax exemption, so that cross-border electricity supplier was a certain impact. According to the new deal, cross-border retail electricity supplier of imported goods no longer according to "goods" parcel tax levied, but according to the "goods" tariffs, value-added tax, consumption tax, parcel tax rate adjusted, cause the actual prices of many imported goods rose sharply. In spite of this, China sea Amoy market still highlights the huge consumption potential. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "Chinese cross-border electricity supplier Industrial Park" Research Report shows that 5 trillion and 400 billion yuan cross-border electricity market size of 4 trillion and 200 billion yuan from 2014 to 2015; even the first half of 2016 by the cross-border electricity supplier of the new deal impact, but the scale of cross-border electricity still rose to 2 trillion and 600 billion yuan, an increase of 30%. The battle of lower sea Amoy threshold for cross-border electricity supplier, "black Friday" is a good opportunity to develop the sea Amoy market, but also stimulate the cross-border electricity market "booster". Recently, including Amazon, Tmall international, ocean terminal, koala NetEase and other cross-border electronic business platform has begun to "black Friday" warm, through "no difference shopping", "free free shipping promotion policy, greatly reduce the Chinese consumers.相关的主题文章: