National day car to buy what car The Outlander is a new choice of automobile Sohu 嘿嘿taxi

National day car to buy what car? The Outlander is a new choice of Sohu in September 24th, Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander in the 126 National City, nearly two hundred outlets listed simultaneously, momentum magnificent, national linkage. The listing of the Guangzhou MITSUBISHI outlander car is equipped with 2.0L and 2.4L two displacement naturally aspirated engine, a total of four different configuration options, the price range of 15.98 to 223 thousand and 800 yuan. The guide price models are as follows: since August 26th, the grand release and start the national sales, domestic outlander will soon enter the market news has attracted a lot of attention of MITSUBISHI fans. During this period, nearly twenty thousand of the intention of the customer’s favor, the order of the 6000 together proved that this new domestic SUV good popularity. Listed on the same day, but also to achieve thousands of simultaneous delivery. The pre-sale price compared to August 26th release, the release of the official guide price for the Outlander has been on the sidelines of the consumer to bring more surprises. The official guide price based on the Outlander become in less than 200 thousand yuan, only a 2.4L seven four-wheel drive models (Guangzhou MITSUBISHI called the "2047" exclusive advantage). In addition to the "2047", the Outlander what can impress consumers selling? 1 "active" and "passive" safety grasping ACC adaptive cruise control system, can effectively reduce the burden on the driver, while improving the safety of user traffic. On the basis of the ACC adaptive cruise, the vehicle is equipped with a FCM front collision prevention auxiliary braking system to avoid collision. In addition, the Outlander in passive safety, provides RISE vehicle and pedestrian protection design, 7 airbags and knee airbags, configuration. RISE body collision energy absorption structure, can effectively improve the pedestrian protection ability of the vehicle; roof and floor to increase the strengthening beam, can effectively inhibit the deformation of the car crash. 2 high performance configuration is complete, "momentum" full of domestic outlander engine transmission, four-wheel drive and other core configuration and technology are imported, the performance advantages. Power, equipped with imported outlander 4J series MIVEC engine, 2.4L engine rated power of 141kW, maximum torque of 235N m?. High environmental characteristics of the MIVEC technology, but also can reduce the energy loss of power, so that the full play of kinetic energy, to ensure strong power output, but also has a good performance of fuel consumption. The engine is matched with the third generation INVECS CVT8 transmission, the optimal modification of the 300 components were the gearbox, also by reducing the radius of shaft belt wheel, the gear ratio range expanded from 6 to 7, improve the vehicle acceleration performance. This gearbox and engine work together to enhance the driving fluency, as well as fuel economy and driving quiet. The Outlander equipped with four-wheel drive system for Taiwan 4WD 4WD technology and S-AWC super all wheel control system. Intelligent 4WD system has ECO economic model, AUTO automatic mode and LOCK lock.相关的主题文章: