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Break has nothing to do with the combat "pots and pans"   — military — Abstract: in the field of military competition, Speed is the soldier’s asset., "one second faster" is the "light of a g". Only the courage to lose non combat load, in order to achieve the ability to upgrade. At the beginning of the long march of the Red Army, leaving the Central Soviet Area, the central leaders ordered all kinds of heavy materials, and tables and chairs all carry on the road, even hired 5000 porter. These "pots and pans" led to sluggish combat troops, was greatly weakened. In the final battle of Xiangjiang, "big move" March of the Red Army to break through the enemy blockade in costly, resulting in more than 50 thousand army heroic sacrifice. After the Zunyi conference, Mao Zedong re mastered command, a major decision is made from the Central Soviet area to bring out the pots and pans all smashed, let the troops travelinglight. This decision makes the Red Army to reproduce the former flexible nature of the game, once again glow the vitality, the officers and men are clapping welcome. Then the National Security Bureau’s teacher correspondent Pei Zhouyu recalls: "see this pile of rubbish, everyone was furious. Recall that since the start of these things we had more than 6 thousand people were the teacher, dragged only more than 2 thousand people, and cover us and these junk at the expense of the two wings comrades, it is too many to count, how can people not sad?" Bloated forces can not win, this is the price of blood of our ancestors during the long march in exchange for lessons. Similarly, in the modern battlefield warplanes on the transient, if too many fetters, heavy burden, it will be like the battlefield as the redundancy, become bound to enhance the combat effectiveness of the yoke. Today, with the development of changes in the form of war, combat unit of miniaturization and multi-functional, high mobility, the traditional "security forces can cause The more, the better." slow, subtle difficulties, slow response, lead troops everywhere being beaten. Therefore, joint operations under the condition of information, will "ruthlessly eliminate all the burden", break all has nothing to do with the combat of the pots and pans". The visible of the pots and pans easily broken, invisible "pots and pans" difficult to remove. In the actual combat training to further promote the moment, the past moving type training disappeared. However, there are still some pots and pans to break. Although some of the allotment of the standard of the power generation, water storage equipment, but there are still people with tap water, electricity and other issues; and the March "take up a long string, to stop a large; command post, although to read the manuscript, the back line phenomenon still exists long, complex password command program drawbacks…… These seemingly not the pots and pans, and is far from the battlefield, like an invisible hand, to the construction of combat off track, must be highly vigilant. There is a famous philosophy of "Occam’s razor", that is, the principle of simple and effective". In breaking the pots and pans in the process, we also need a "Occam’s razor", cut off all with the actual independent of the tail". At present, we should reform by Dongfeng, to simplify, reduce redundant efficiency, good at "pruning to vine", not "embellishment")相关的主题文章: