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The French election "the first debate of" Sarkozy’s "siege" original title: "the first French presidential debate" Sarkozy was under siege 7 French Republican presidential candidate the first debate, Sarkozy (in) polls behind Juppe (left two). CFP French right-wing Republican party 13 to usher in the presidential election of the first televised debate, the scene of the battle of the 7 candidates. Alan, a former prime minister, has won more than any other candidate to win the first debate, according to an opinion poll conducted by. Juppe played "happy card" polls ahead of Juppe’s campaign hit "happy identity", leading the way in the previous poll, in the last 2 hours of the first debate, he again stressed that "happiness identity" is to give voters hope. According to the results of an online poll conducted by Elabe, a French polling agency, 32% of voters believe that Juppe is the most convincing of the words of mr.. The 71 year old Juppe was in the former social party president Francois Mitterrand cohabitation as prime minister in the government, public support rate is the highest in the party primaries, a moderate stance on immigration, seeking to make the unemployment rate hovering around 10% year of France to achieve "full employment", "out of economic stagnation". "I would like to lead you on a path of hope," Juppe said in a summary statement, "I believe that through the correct reform, France will be transformed into a better life in the country." In the debate, the 7 candidates in the economic policy proposition highly similar, both said to reduce public sector spending, relax or even cancel the work of 35 hours a week. But in the security and immigration, the differences between candidates, whether to arrest the suspects all intelligence agencies monitor the list of views. Sarkozy was besieged busy excuse Sarkozy from 2007 to 2012 as president, he served in several cabinet members and party allies also joined the election. These people in the debate of "collective siege" Sarkozy, asked him how to get people to believe that he would do better than the last time, and directed him in many judicial investigation on suspicion of corruption, fraud and abuse of campaign funds, while Sarkozy only parry, busy excuse. "10 years ago, I like millions of French people, hope Sarkozy brought us transformation of the state," the 52 year old former UMP president Jean Francois koppe said, "unfortunately, these changes never realized." Copperman also said that if he was a formal investigation, he will not participate in this campaign. Sarkozy responded that the government policy was severely affected by the global financial crisis, if elected, he will be strong and dynamic leadership of france. In the judicial investigation, Mr Sarkozy insisted he was innocent, and countered that the charges "would not make the accused face light."". Reuters reported that Sarkozy in the debate, sometimes very nervous, but a calm face of Juppe. Several polls show that Juppe’s public opinion support rate of 8 to 14 percentage points ahead of Sarkozy, the remaining 5 people behind more. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: