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Xinhua China Press: the Japanese textbook chaos and why students? Beijing – Beijing in September 18, it takes a hundred years. The significance of education is self-evident, and the textbook is undoubtedly the most important foundation of education, in this serious problem, may make a whole generation of people. Japan Xinhua China press recently published an article that, in recent years, Japan has repeatedly in the textbook "off the chain", the textbook is through a variety of gray uneven in quality way into the campus, the students put on the desk. Article excerpts are as follows: Recently, into a "sell door" incident of primary and secondary school textbooks in japan. "Tokyo book", "Education Publishing" and other publishing companies in the relevant textbooks to accept the competent authorities in the process of review, unauthorized introduction of the content of the school, is regarded as a violation of marketing". In fact, this is the fermentation stage of the event. The summer of 2015, many companies will visit the private publishing textbooks of school officials, to provide samples, ask their opinions. While large press "suntorch" to the school principal and 53 people to use their own teaching materials on the grounds, direct cash payments to Xie Li, of which 21 people checked indeed and purchasing materials have relations. However, primary and secondary schools are not the only "disaster areas". Since the requirements of compulsory education stage of the press "self-examination" textbook that the Japanese Ministry of education, but the textbook disguised marketing spread to every high school. The report shows that since 2013, Japan’s major Bookstore Bookstore at least 30 cities in the high school of the 91 unauthorized distribution of their own products, promote procurement, involving an amount of about 17 million yen. In accordance with the relevant provisions of Japan, for primary and secondary school textbooks will last for about 1 years to accept the Ministry of audit, and in the 7 to August by the local education committee, selected the highest evaluation from qualified textbooks, then will be invited to the teaching scene as teacher survey member suggestions. It seems that the strict audit process seems to be very perfect, to ensure the quality of textbooks. However, there are many unknown secrets behind. First of all, the deep relationship between the textbook publishing house and the school". "Tokyo books" and other illegal press questioning had argued that the teacher in advance to display the "sample" is better in order to edit the content, and other employees of the company disclosed that this practice purpose is to promote each other procurement. In fact, between the textbook sales staff and faculty of the tacit understanding, is already an indisputable fact. Almost all press attention to research placed "investigator" in-depth focus on the organization of faculty will understand the information during the Lunar New Year holiday greetings and gifts to visit. Capital circle, a primary school principals bluntly pointed out that more than half of the management of the school have received a press reception". It can be said that the establishment of this sweet relationship is not a day two days. Secondly, the Japanese government in order to give the textbook industry "released" permissive attitudes. In the economic downturn, the Japanese textbook publishing industry has long been difficult. 4 years of teaching materials can be described as a good opportunity, hundreds of thousands of copies of the sales volume is simply the lifeline of these publishers. )相关的主题文章: