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The number of banks in Jiangxi LDK bankruptcy quagmire repayment rate is too low reforming plan is not the number of banks in Jiangxi LDK bankruptcy quagmire repayment rate is too low the plan was not renewed. Photograph: visual China according to the "Economic Information Daily" reported that the Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, China Everbright claims such as LDK group has three subsidiaries after the plan to fine tune again cast a negative vote, otherwise some creditor banks are internal vote. According to the current voting situation, the restructuring plan has been determined to be rejected again. From the creditor bank to provide the material point of view, the 12 banks held by LDK Group bankruptcy reorganization of the company’s total debt of 27 billion 100 million yuan. According to the amount of 7 billion 256 million yuan, CDB leading banks. China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and Minsheng Bank holdings of debt were 3 billion yuan, 4 billion 729 million yuan respectively, 3 billion 498 million yuan, 3 billion 624 million yuan and 3 billion 216 million yuan. Bank holds a debt of up to 1 billion 871 million yuan. For the restructuring plan, the creditor bank is undoubtedly the most dissatisfied with the liquidity rate. According to the debt manager informed in the August 12th second meeting of creditors, four subsidiaries, assets valuation of 7 billion 652 million yuan, compared with the first decline in valuation of 4 billion 534 million yuan, a decline of 37.2%, the overall recovery rate of 14.75% creditor banks. Data show that the 12 banks held by LDK group claims totaling about $27 billion 100 million. If calculated in accordance with 14.57% of the rate of return, the bank can only recover the final 4 billion, the remaining $23 billion 100 million will be turned into a real loss. Itself positive earnings and asset quality pressures on banks, the result is more difficult to accept. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise bankruptcy law, voting groups that have not passed the draft reorganization plan once again refused to vote or not to vote again through the draft reorganization plan, but the draft reorganization plan to meet certain conditions, the debtor or administrator may apply to the people’s court approved the draft reorganization plan. If the final draft was approved by the court, then the creditor banks can only claim losses. Banks can do only reflect the demands, and hope that the demands of creditors can eventually be taken care of through consultation. According to the latest results of the meeting, the creditor bank’s hope is ultimately difficult to achieve. "Economic Information Daily" quoted creditors creditors said, before the Mid Autumn Festival, the Jiangxi provincial government finance office to convene a meeting of the reorganization of the bankruptcy reorganization of LDK again, requiring the bank to support LDK’s debt restructuring program. According to the spirit of the meeting, LDK bankruptcy reorganization of the program and the choice of strategic investors can almost certainly be irreversible, three companies eventually go to the court to enforce the ruling can be said that the overall situation has been set." According to informed sources, once again faced with the program is opposed to the proposed plan of the second creditors meeting was only fine-tuning, the two are almost the same. A creditor banks for Suntech and Wuxi super solar examples for comparison, said the restructuring of Wuxi Suntech and super solar photovoltaic industry downturn in 31.55% and 20% can still maintain the repayment rate, LDK is better in the period of reforming the current PV industry, the recovery rate is so low. LDK theory相关的主题文章: