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The secret of telecommunications fraud Town: Anxi person blame the Taiwanese Sohu cover news news reporter Diao Mingkang Fujian Anxi photo coverage Fujian Anxi tea, Anxi people are good at tea. Recently, Chen Wenhui et al, cheat dead Shandong girls thing, so that the people of Anxi and a lot of tea. Just talk to the end, they are very angry: "is this group of" mouse droppings "bad Anxi soup". The focus of indignation, is the top of the head of Anxi telecommunications fraud hat. This hat is Chang Keng Xiang and Kui Dou Zhen people as they wear — when the hot hand, these people in the country within one day send out millions of messages fraud. In 2012, 20 people were arrested at the same time, some villages. The county committee and relevant responsible person told the media that the light is Kui Dou Zhen was found 3791 suspects, long Keng Xiang population is 3 times more likely to kuidou Township…… This is an amazing data! A day for "Chinese tea" place, how can take off the "telecommunications fraud village" hat? In August 28th, cover news (thecover) Dou Zhen detail reporter visited the Anxi County Township, deep pit quebec. Telecommunications fraud as a means of getting rich, someone built a car to buy a car long pit rural roadside, the new small building, where do you go? Long pit Township ah? 500 yuan, do not bargain!" The wild franchise business of Xu Changshun (a pseudonym) from the window in the stretched out 5 fingers, insisted that Anxi County long Keng Xiang Village, not less than 500 yuan, and only to the village. "They’re not happy to see me take the stranger to the village." His explanation. For outsiders to Anxi County Township, which has 10 years of experience in the field of the middle-aged man seems to have pulled out of the doorway, "there are only two kinds of people, one is to talk about the tea business, you don’t like; another is the reporter". He said he pulled a lot of reporters over the years, are to go to the county of Anxi to interview the telecommunications fraud. This is no exception, "you are not because of Bai Lai Xiang man (Chen Wenhui) to Anxi? This news, Anxi people know." From Anxi county to the long pit Township, nearly 60 km away, the vehicle ahead of the trip began to climb for more than and 20 minutes. On both sides of the mountain tea, light green, well-proportioned field with typical characteristics of Taiwanese houses. From afar, like a picture of the United states. But Xu Changshun doesn’t think so. In his eyes, the beautiful tea fields and the houses, and can not explain the life of Anxi people have more wealth and comfort. On the contrary, many people live in fear". To blame, blame the people on the other side." He pointed to the southeast. Southeast, across the Strait, Taiwan, china. There are 2 million people from Anxi County in the past. "In the beginning, the people who engage in telecommunications fraud, and then with relatives in Anxi, then Anxi, people live on their own, increasingly large." He said that as a native of Anxi people, telecommunications fraud is how to enter Anxi, locals are very clear". Long pit township.相关的主题文章: