The average monthly salary of white-collar workers in Wuhan is 6572 yuan a month behind you (map) 驯龙高手dm456

The average monthly salary of white-collar workers in Wuhan is 6572 yuan a month behind you? (map) yesterday (26 days), Zhaopin released in autumn 2016, Wuhan employers demand and supply reports for white-collar workers, the average monthly salary of white-collar workers in Wuhan is pre tax 6527 yuan, ranked seventeenth in the 34 major city in. The practitioners of the following ten industries do not have to worry about dragging their legs, and their average salary is the highest in Wuhan. Telecommunications telecommunications network equipment industry generally belongs to the state-owned monopoly industries, the level of wages is considerable. Cross domain management involves a number of industries, the ability to resist the risk is relatively strong, the level of compensation in Wuhan is also a high level. On the whole, the average wages of workers in Hubei in 2015 according to the Hubei Provincial Bureau of statistics released, finance, electricity, gas and water production and supply industry or state-owned monopoly industries is the highest income groups. Zhaopin in consecutive years, released quarterly employer demand and supply reports for white-collar workers, which in the spring of 2014 to the autumn of 2016 in less than three years, the average salary of white-collar workers in Wuhan rose 1664 yuan. But in the two quarter of 2014, white-collar workers began to decline in the average salary of $1332 in the previous quarter, after the first quarter of and gradually rose to the first quarter of 2015 and suddenly rose by $1693, and then steadily rising. You must know the autumn job seekers although salary is important to consider the factors in employment, but individual occupation growth, industry development trend, the unit development goals for the future occupation development will have an important impact. Experts warned that job seekers should take all factors into consideration in the choice of work, need to focus on the long term, to understand the future development of the industry trend, while growing up, in order to maintain competitiveness in a changing economic environment and the workplace. A new round of the real estate market boom, making civil engineering construction decoration municipal engineering continue to maintain a competitive state. The liquidity of financial audit tax positions is relatively weak, the number of job supply is limited, so the job competition has been more intense. Export frustrated, purchasing and trade professionals are also affected by the supply and demand. If you are not a professional limited or have special preference, career when you can avoid these competitive industries, choose a relatively popular occupation and occupation, these wages are not necessarily better than the popular low occupation. Job opportunities are greater demand, job seekers may wish to consider, or even look at the country, choose their favorite job. With the downward stabilization of China’s GDP growth rate, Chinese economy began to enter the transition period. For those who live in the job seekers, in such a big environment to maintain their competitiveness in the workplace, may be more important than the simple pay. Wuhan white-collar most valued salary, job promotion and welfare of the golden nine silvers ten job season, of course, is also a lot of people choose to quit the time. Salary is the most important factor in the fall of 2016 Wuhan white-collar job hopping, followed by job promotion. In addition, corporate culture and welfare is also Wuhan white-collar相关的主题文章: