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Beijing morning news: private cake supervision should be in place more – View – original title: private cake supervision should be in place as reported, Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, many people in the circle of friends is the name of "pure handmade moon cake without adding private scraper. However, recent media reports, the online shopping will 4 different homemade moon cake has 2 kind of inspection, detection of sodium cyclamate. Reporters also found that many producers of private moon cake not related to health permits and business qualifications, food quality control of the whole conscience. In addition, some sellers in the market is to buy Handmade moon cake fillings, not their own modulation, it is difficult to achieve real "no added". Private cake is a new thing, which is produced under the new era of the new sales model, its advantages and disadvantages, the benefits of speaking, long holiday holiday cakes are often the kinds of taste, uniform production factories, the fillings are unified by the machine configuration, taste the same, the lack of fresh. It is also in the packaging work on, slight changes in content, the price for ordinary people is interested. But from their own private cake, different color, aroma type cultural packaging, and moderate prices to attract buyers. On the contrary, because produced more than All flowers bloom together. fish, adding illegal, shoddy, real products emerged in the social behavior of private processing on the network will be reflected as a niche product. And, more seriously, because of private production, no regulation in the choice of materials, processing and production of any one link, can only rely on the sale of the seller’s conscience. These network products, because as more sophisticated propaganda, spread through the circle of friends effectively, makes eating for a change in production, the intention of the pursuit of a higher quality of the user, it is the preferred product. Although the Internet sale of private cake, because buyers are numerous and scattered, supervision is difficult, this is the truth. However, if the product is sold in violation of relevant laws and regulations, as escape sanctions, hope that private moon cake producers can really make out self-discipline, everyone love health moon cake. At the same time, some sellers are in the market to buy Handmade moon cake fillings fillings, since there is a problem, the relevant departments should also follow it, according to these clues, supervision and punishment for violations of the stuffing suppliers. So strict regulation, not only to safeguard food safety, but also to maintain the healthy development of the Internet economy. (commissioning editor Dong Xiaowei and Wen Songhui)相关的主题文章: