Secretary of a provincial Party committee of Vietnam 8 relatives in the government to the title meet caxa实体设计

Secretary of a provincial Party committee of Vietnam 8 relatives in the government to the title "meet the program" – Sohu news North Vietnam river province party secretary Zhao Cairong (right) (source: "Vietnam Youth Daily") Chinese daily in September 19, according to "Vietnam Youth Daily" reported in September 18th, 17, social media rumors of North Vietnam River Jiang provincial Party Secretary Zhao Cairong (Trieu Tai Vinh) 8 relatives occupy an important position in the province of different government agencies, Zhao Cairong told the newspaper that the network information is true, but said their promotion with the due process, there is no violation. On the morning of 17, social media began to spread Zhao Cairong 8 relatives were promoted to key positions in the government, including his wife, 4 brothers and sisters, brother and 2 cousins, the network information also listed in their respective positions. Zhao Cairong immediately to the "Vietnam Youth Daily" that the net posts listed 8 officials that their relatives, however, he said that people should see the essence of things ", and whether the competent officials at work, rather than" appearances "or what position they are in. Zhao Cairong said that the central inspection (central) in May this year, the issue has been investigated and concluded that the provincial officials to promote compliance with the formal procedures for the committee. He said, if only focusing on family relations, of course will have doubts, but which is not tricky, "I am not only favoring relatives, also told the party’s standing committee several suggestions against the government as their appointed positions." Zhao Cairong said that he is the agricultural and Rural Development Bureau (Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) deputy director’s wife in 2006 and 2009 due to family reasons refused promotion, he refused to about his brother and brother-in-law promotion proposal. "All of these people are among the talent planning programs, and their appointments are collectively decided by the Standing Committee of the party." Zhao Cairong said.相关的主题文章: