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"New" Red Tourism: ethnic culture and the spirit of the long march in the new network for each other – minority women in the farmers’ Museum demonstrates stone use Chen Jing photo Beijing, Dali, November 2 (Chen Jing) "Village Road inserted side red flag flutters in the wind, the villagers in the village in a red suit to salute, really shocked." 1, the Qinghai news network reporter Cui Yongtao following the "60 anniversary" focusing on Dali statehood — Dali national network media team came to the village of Yunnan Prefecture of Dali Province, Binchuan County Red Army Museum, "I have been a lot of red tourism attractions, but here I’m impressed." Cui Yongtao said. Binchuan County Joe Austin Zhenhai village slightly Xinzhuang village near the sea is on the East Bank of the reservoir, picturesque scenery, has a long history. Since, village development relies mainly on grain, tobacco planting economic fruit, sea fish shop business slightly, in recent years, relying on a village of revolutionary history, gradually develop red tourism industry. Joe Town Mayor Zi Rutao introduced in April 21, 1936, six red army entered the village on the Long March, and in the dressing of a night, the deployment of strategic planning, and local people yushuiqing friendship. Then, the village four young Yang Shichang, Yang Shihe, Yang Bing, Yang Zhen decided to participate in the red army. In 2016, foreign venture Xinzhuang village villagers Pu Guohong home, a house to live in the Red Army, the Red Army soldier restoration dormitory, propaganda slogans and combat scenes, maps, luggage and other items on display the red blanket, built Dali’s first natural village "the Red Army Long March memorial". Since August 2015, ye Tao said, "take Xinzhuang village Party branch + enterprise + villagers" mode of cooperation established in Binchuan County in the Red Sea is slightly agricultural tourism development company, the family has a stake. Pu Guohong as chairman of the company, with its own houses as the carrier, his years of thousands of old things of the display which reproduce the local people’s living situation, transformed into "farmers’ museum". "I’m from Dali, so I’m very sensitive to local culture." Dali TV reporter Du Youtao said the museum to be built in the traditional "three Zhaobi square" of the Bai nationality, the equivalent of the rural tourism and ethnic cultures, has the flavor is very novel, don’t. According to reports, since April 21, 2016, the Red Army memorial museum, has received more than 45 thousand people. The National Day holiday this year, the village of red tourism attractions number of tourists reached more than 2, for the whole village revenue of about 20 yuan. "I think the village villagers in the spirit of the landscape and other places is different, perhaps due to the long march spirit of infection, you can feel their faith." reporter Huang Xiaoying said in an interview with reporters, the village of rural tourism and red tourism together, enrich the connotation of travel. It is reported that the village please professional institutions tailored for "tourism planning", the next step, the village plans to build "red education base, Huaguo Mountain, sea grape corridor, flowers grasslands, ethnic village" five scenic spots in three years. Joe Town Mayor Zi Rutao said, the local is actively fight)相关的主题文章: