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Ji’nan private passenger vehicle homicide verdicts: the defendant Liu Xin to death – Beijing, Beijing, September 23, according to the Ji’nan Municipal Intermediate People’s court official micro-blog news, this morning, Ji’nan private passenger car on the Ji’nan intermediate people’s Court of public opinion attention suspected of intentional homicide case verdicts: defendant Liu Xinfan intentional homicide was sentenced to death. 8:40 on September 11, 2015 Xu, the defendant Liu Xin driving a car along with ten traveling west to East Route Linuo technology park bus station, see the victim Zheng Xiuzhi (female, who died 22 years old) are waiting for the bus, the two sides on a good price will be sent to the high tech Zone North Hu Zheng Xiuzhi village. After Liu Xin due to the car with gas bypass, Zheng Xiuzhi will pull to the Fengshan Road No. 058 light pole, Zheng Xiuzhi said the time does not agree with the first Liu Xin filling, two people to a dispute, and quarrel. Zheng Xiuzhi wants to call for help, Liu Xin angry, Zheng Xiuzhi Meng hands pinch neck, suffocation caused by the mechanical. After committing the crime, Liu Xin will abandon Zheng Xiuzhi’s body in Tang Ye office in Licheng District of Ji’nan city in two village in the southwest corner of the remote dirt road after the escape. In September 12, 2015 17, Liu Xin in Licheng District of Ji’nan City Gang Gou Zhen Tian Zhuang District No. 20 downstairs was arrested police. After the arrest, Liu Xin confessed to their crimes. The court held that the defendant Liu Xin intentional unlawful deprivation of life, causing death, his behavior constituted intentional homicide. Liu Xin and the victim after the dispute due to the Secretary of the dispute by taking advantage of the victim’s neck, the death of mechanical asphyxia caused by the death of Zheng Xiuzhi. Liu Xin’s criminal means cruel, serious consequences, bad social impact, although after the incident to repentance, but not enough for the lenient punishment. Counsel Liu Xin Frank repentance opinion was established, but the Liu Xin punishment, shall not be accepted. Criminal acts of the defendant Liu Xin to the incidental civil plaintiff shall compensate the economic loss caused, the amount of compensation for funeral expenses, according to the 2015 annual average wage of workers in Shandong Province, with 6 months of calculation; compensation of traffic fee amount, according to the actual situation of their relatives in the field, to support 10 thousand yuan compensation; the amount of accommodation, although failed to submit the corresponding documents, but the expenditure is the actual cost, can be supported. Accordingly, in accordance with the "People’s Republic of China criminal law" article 232nd, fifty-seventh paragraph, the third paragraph of article sixty-seventh and the "Supreme People’s Court on the application of < > in People’s Republic of China; criminal law; interpretation of the" 155th first, the provisions of the two paragraph, the judgment as follows: defendant Liu Xinfan, intentional homicide and sentenced to death, deprived of political rights lifelong. Two, the defendant Liu Xin compensation incidental civil plaintiff Zheng Tongyou Wu Xiucui, the economic loss of funeral expenses 29098.50 yuan, transportation costs 10000 yuan, 2000 yuan accommodation, a total of 41098.50 yuan (payment in ten days after the entry into force of this decision within).相关的主题文章: