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From the village to the village of Fujian secret fortune fraud Anxi preexistence – Sohu news expert in making money Zhao Chunqing painted in September 13th, the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Gulou Branch fraud crime investigation Criminal Investigation Brigade police team in busy. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Song Weiwei in September 9th, a special "integrity" conference in Fujian County of Anxi, on behalf of the county of Liu Linshuang in the face of more than 1000 of the township, village, community cadres issued examination: " fraud Xiang ‘title shall we?" [Focus] — Telecommunications fraud "fraud" township "reincarnation" editor’s note as "fraud village" related to the newspapers reported, regional occupation of telecommunications fraud has become one of the focus of the whole society. Ministry of public security informed the suspect information, Xu Yuyu case involving a total of 6 suspects, including 3 from Fujian County, Anxi. Anxi fraud village is just the tip of the iceberg. Spread throughout the country, many fraud village its hotbed? Acquaintance society, under the public order and good customs, and how people are on the professional telecommunications fraud road? With these questions, this reporter on the Anxi secret in the teeth of the storm "fraud village" and "history", in order to see only a small part. Recently, the Ministry of public security official said, we must resolutely pulled out a number of regional occupation of telecommunications fraud "nail", and resolutely reverse the output of key areas of crime endanger national situation. September 9th, a special "integrity building" conference held in Fujian, Anxi. On behalf of Anxi county magistrate Liu Linshuang in front of an audience of more than 1000 Anxi Township, village, community cadres read a considerable literary talent "to the people of the county", the last paragraph says: sincere, the world’s end also. The county government will iron shoulders moral, iron fist attack, hold high the banner of justice, waving the sword of the law, and resolutely eradicate the cancer of telecommunications fraud, to build credibility of Anxi, Anxi is also an innocent, also a Anxi Qingming tea, also a clear sky! Do we want the title of " the town of fraud?" "Do not!" Behalf of the county magistrate’s question, got everyone’s response, but also to make this thousand people seem to be some heavy. "Smelly meat and full pot of soup" in August 19th, the Shandong province college entrance examination to enroll students Xu Yuyu was the suspect by telecom fraud cheated 9900 yuan. After the incident, Xu Yuyu cardiac arrest, sent to hospital died. Ministry of public security informed the suspect information, involving 6 suspects in Anxi, Fujian, there are 3. Township of fraud, once again let this have Chinese tea are called the county shame. "Hard to accept! After all, ‘the rotten meat is full of soup.’." See the relevant reports, far away from home, Mr. Wang can not calm. Anxi is located in the southeast coast of Fujian, under the jurisdiction of the city of Quanzhou, the territory of more mountains and less, there are eight mountains, one water and one field, said. The most famous local specialty is "tieguanyin". In recent years, the label has been gradually faded liar, but with the recent exposure of telecommunications fraud cases, but also to return to public view of this label." Xiao Xu is Anxi.相关的主题文章: