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Morning news: how to open Apple ID two step authentication, refuse extortion, how to open Apple ID two step verification, using the two step authentication, only you can reset the password, manage the trusted device or create a new recovery key. Apple support engineers will no longer be able to help you recover these three things. Another advantage of two step authentication is that if you use the two step validation, you don’t need to create or remember any security tips. There will be no embarrassment to forget the answer to the question. Apple released a new version of iOS Apple Corp 9.2.1 repair iPhone brick Thursday released a new version of the iOS 9.2.1 operating system, because of the influence of iPhone by the "error 53" error "brick" problem was repaired. Last month the company released the iOS 9.2.1, but after the upgrade version number from 13D15 to 13D20, in order to reflect the repair of iPhone brick problem. It has been upgraded to iOS 9.2.1 users can not install the update through wireless download way after the release, the reason is that the version just to make iPhone affected by the main machine can be repaired by iTunes. Facebook news applications will push advertising service in the next few months, the latest news shows, Facebook plans to launch Messenger paid advertising service in the coming months. It has been reported that Facebook to the enterprise to provide the relevant material. Which shows that, from the second quarter of this year, these enterprises can send messages directly to users. However, enterprises can only send messages to users who actively initiate sessions. This is in line with Facebook’s plan to promote Messenger to become an important channel for interaction between users and businesses, whether shopping or customer service support. The heat of the UAV Lily how to make: will not be bounced by overnight explosion of red to describe the Silicon Valley start-up companies Lily Camera is not too much. The self unmanned aerial vehicle was unveiled for the first time last May, and became the focus of the major technology media. Although the market has a lot of UAV, but Lily is really not the same: do not need a smart mobile phone or handle, just gently into the sky can automatic flight; Lily is like a flying self artifact, they can adjust the camera mode and shooting angle, user moments and video more surprising; is that Lily can be used after landing on the user’s hand gently.

新闻早报:如何开启Apple ID两步验证   拒绝敲诈勒索 如何开启Apple ID两步验证   使用两步验证后,只有您可以重设密码、管理受信任的设备或创建一个新的恢复密钥。Apple支持工程师将无法再帮助你恢复这三项内容。   关于两步认证,还有一个好处在于:若使用两步验证,则无需创建或记住任何安全提示问题。也就不会出现忘记问题答案的尴尬场面了。   苹果发布新版iOS 9.2.1修复iPhone“变砖”问题   苹果公司周四发布了iOS 9.2.1操作系统的一个新版本,针对iPhone因受“error 53”错误影响而“变砖”的问题进行了修复。该公司上个月发布了iOS 9.2.1,但此次升级后的版本号从13D15改为13D20,以便反映对iPhone“变砖”问题的修复。   已经升级至iOS 9.2.1的用户无法通过无线下载的方式安装此次更新后的版本,原因是该版本只是为了让受影响的iPhone机主可以通过iTunes进行修复。   Facebook消息应用未来几个月将推广告服务   最新消息显示,Facebook计划于未来几个月推出Messenger的付费广告服务。   报道称,Facebook已向企业提供了相关材料。其中显示,从今年第二季度开始,这些企业可以直接向用户发送消息。不过,企业只能 向主动发起会话的用户发消息。此举符合Facebook的计划,即推动Messenger发展成为用户与企业互动的重要渠道,无论是购物还是获得客服支持。   最热无人机Lily是怎样炼成的:不会再跳票   用一夜爆红来形容硅谷创业公司Lily Camera毫不为过。这款自拍无人机去年5月首次公开亮相,就成为主要科技媒体的关注焦点。虽然市场有着诸多无人机,但Lily实在太不一样:不需要智能手机或者控制手柄,只需轻轻抛向天空就可以自动飞行;Lily就像是一个飞行自拍神器,可以自己调节拍照模式和角度,拍摄下用户的精彩瞬间和视频;更令人惊讶的是,Lily使用之后可以轻轻降落在用户的手掌。相关的主题文章: